Thursday, May 22, 2014


Hello my loves!

*sighs in contentment* You guys have NO idea what it feels to not be able to post anything let alone read! Felt like I was out in a desert with no water! 

Let me explain a little about what is going on with me...

Last year I had a job that had me working nonstop. I quit that job and found another that pretty much does the same but there a HUGE difference...I actually like this one. I work with kids now. I love this new job. I'm good at what I do and I love teaching! I also get to do the funny ridiculous voices that come with reading Children's Books!Of course, the fact that I am sharing my love of reading to kids (get them while they're young!) is AMAZING! Plus, this job is a lot more flexible which means that I now have time to read!!!!! Yayyyy mee!!! *happy dance*
I'm VERY bad at math and for some reason I decided to wait forever before taking another math class after HS and the whole time I kept thinking, "What the shemurr?!" o.O

I recently moved out on my own and am LOVING it! Feeling like an adult now (even though I'm about to be 24 in about 50 days). Didn't quite hit me that I really was an adult until I was cooking myself something for dinner about a month ago instead of waiting for my mum to tell me that dinner was ready. How weird. O.O
My new place. :D

Between school, work, teaching, family/friends/boyfriend my life was and is hectic and crazy BUT I now have time to get back to my true love...BOOKS!

Here is what I will be reading:
He doesn't yet have a cover...yet. Wait for it...(hahaha let me know if you get the reference!) 
So far I have no idea what it's even about but David is one of the few authors whose books I will read without ever reading a synopsis. He's just that good. But you should already know what with all the ranting I do about him. Anyway expect a review soon! Very soon!

As to my posting, reading, and reviewing schedule well that'll be a slow and steady type deal. I would love to just jump back into my old schedule where I pretty much posted as soon as I finished a book and had 5 or 6 reviews ready to be published but with my schedule it'll have to be a 2-3 times a week thing. 

I will try to give the blog a makeover in the next week or so and maybe, quite possibly hold a giveaway as a celebration of my return! You guys deserve it so keep an eye out!
Photoshoot the other day...sike! I was just bored and messing around with my camera and the lighting in my room.

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