Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Godling Chronicles GIVEAWAY

The Godling Chronicles by Brian Anderson GIVEAWAY
Published: August 2012

Ayyy-ohhhh my lovelies!! Hannah is back with another giveaway! This one is particularly special, as there will be THREE winners, and each winner will receive not one, not two, but THREE different books!

Each one is an installment in Brian Anderson's magnificent fantasy series, The Godling Chronicles. I just myself received a copy, and I'm psyched to get started on it!

To keep things brief, and to keep myself from soliloquizing, as I often do, I'll only provide the description of the first novel. There will be links at the bottom of this post if you do feel so inclined to read the synopses of the second and third book as well.

Darkness comes as a new power rises in Angrääl. The Dark Knight has betrayed the Gods and stolen the Sword of Truth, trapping them in heaven. With the power of the sword he can reshape the world and bring death to all who oppose him.

Only one thing stands between the darkness and the liight: Gewey Stedding. Only he has the power to stand against the oncoming storm.

Only he can mend the world.  But only if he can discover his power....

Sounds like fun, no?:) Drop a comment with your name and email address to enter. The giveaway will run for two weeks, from September 7th to September 21st. Be sure to enter in that time! I may even have an interview with the author coming up soon! Stay tuned :D

The Sword of Truth (book one) on Goodreads
Of Gods and Elves (book two) on Goodreads
The Shadow of Gods (book three) on Goodreads


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