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The Sacrificed by Jordan Link

The SacrificedThe Sacrificed
by Jordan Link
Source: Publisher
Format: ebook, 180 pages
Published: May 6th 2013 by Entranced Publishing

Goodreads Synopsis:
Emerald Hayden lives in the City of Centsia, a half-winged among the other walkers. She has no family, friends, or food: only a grim future filled with tiresome labor in the upper level’s factories. But everything changes when she meets Dusk, a winged from the place that she previously scorned. He opens her eyes to a new possibility: the possibility of the unity of winged and walkers, of freedom, and of love. Together, they decide to challenge the upper level’s supreme, winged council. But when a friend betrays them, they must choose whether to sacrifice their beliefs and save their own lives, or to remain along the thin line that divides the city in two. Success could mean liberty; failure, death.
My Thoughts:
Do you crave adventure? How about a bit of romance? And how about some flying scenes with cute winged guys? Hah! Got your attention didn't I!?

You want excitement? Life or death situations? This is your kind of book! Emerald is a cool kind of chick. She has the misfortune of being born a hybrid but does she let that slow her down? Well, ok at first she does but as she grows she realizes that no. Just because you're a mix of two worlds does not mean you can't do anything to help the horrible world in which you live in! Once she picks up steam you can't stop this girl! Really enjoyed seeing her grow along with Dusk in this book. Things are hard in Centsia, but that doesn't mean she has to crawl under a rock and let everything go by. Like I said, a cool chick, Emerald.

Not gonna lie, the beginning was a bit slow and kind of fast all at once. Emerald is wallowing in self pity and then BAM! she meets Dusk and he whisks her away! Handful of chapters in and it starts to pick up! We meet characters that you'll love and some that you won't. There were some parts that became a bit boring that I really wanted to skim over but alas my reader self wouldn't let me. The little bits that weren't though were O.O exciiitttinngg!

My favorite parts hands down were the flying scenes. Although they weren't described in excruciating detail as I would've like them to be, I thoroughly enjoyed reading them! I could imagine what Jordan must've had in her head when she describes said scenes though.

The Sacrificed has everything you're looking for in a book! I am sure you'll like it as much as I did. O.o Maybe even more!
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Jordan LinkAbout Jordan Link:
I am currently contracted with Entranced Publishing for my novel, The Sacrificed, which was released as an E-book on May 6th, 2013. I was also the first place winner of the Jack L. Chalker Young Writers' Contest in 2012 for my short story "The Bubble". I was accepted into the Oh, the Stories They Tell! anthology for my short story "Demon Slayer." The anthology will soon be released on Amazon.
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