Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kevin Hearne: Book Signing Adventures

Hello Readers!

A few month back, I wrote about the Hunted tour (The Iron Druid Chronicles), written by Kevin Hearne, in which I was super excited to attend.  Well this past week finally was the day of the signing! I have to admit it was pretty awesome. I had never been to a book signing before, so I really didn't know what to expect from it. Honestly, I was a little nervous! 

Now the book signing was at this awesome local bookstore called Kepler's Bookstore (Kepler's Bookstore). I had never been to this particular bookstore before but count me as a regular! While I was wondering the store, I got there early :P, I found this amazing table full of autographed copies of books!! Seriously, a whole table full of autographed books.....

Many of the books were titles I recognized, and what is even more awesome is they don't charge extra for autographed books either. 
While searching through this table, I ended up finding and purchasing a signed copy of Beautiful Creatures :] hehe

Ok, now to the main event, Kevin Hearne!

For any fans of the Iron Druid Chronicles, Hearne announced there will be a total of 9 books in the series! wooohhooo!
 The 7th book, Shattered, will be out next April or June of 2014.
He also plans to make an anthology of all the short stories for the Iron Druid Chronicles.

Hearne will also be one of three authors selected to write a novel for Star Wars that takes place after after A New Hope but before The Empire Strikes Back. Apparently, there is a three year gap in the storyline between those movies, Hearne's book will focus on Luke. 

After every one had asked their questions about various aspects of the series, we all had a chance to meet and greet with Hearne AND get our books signed!

Kevin Hearne was amazing to meet because he was so down to earth and personable with everyone. You can really tell he LOVES to write and is not just in it for the money. At one point he was asked about creating merchandise for the series but he simply said no because it was take his time away from writing. Now how awesome is that!

I have said it before, there are so many reasons to start reading this series, but the fact that he is so genuine should be reason enough :D

Happy reading!

<3 Bobbi

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