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Stealing Harper (Taking Chances #2) by Molly McAdams

Stealing Harper (Taking Chances #2) by Molly McAdams

Honestly this was a great follow up to Taking Chances. Stealing Harper is a POV (Point-of-View) story that takes place during the exact same story..excpet from a different person's view. In this case, Chase is the telling the story of how he met Harper, and how she utterly changed his world. Now granted I read Taking Chances sometime last year so of course I do not remember all the little gory details, but the author,Molly McAdams, does an AMAZING job linking the two stories. There were times during dialog between Harper and Chase where I thought to myself "This has to be the exact same conversation". Except this time you are hearing Chas'es inner monologue. 

After I finished Taking Chances I was completely Team Brandon. For those who haven't read either stories, Harper is in a love triangle between Chase (the bad boy) and Brandon (the sweetheart). After reading Stealing Harper, OH MY could you not love Chase! I am so torn between the two men I can't decide.

For those who have read [book:Taking Chances|15739018] and went through the complete heart break mid way through the book, Stealing Harper has the similar effect even though you know what eventually occurs. That scene is well written and re-breaks your heart all over again.

Molly McAdams is turning into one of my go to authors. Both books I have read by her have earned 5 stars and I sincerely love her writing style. She is definitely an author to keep your eyes on!

5/5 birdies!

"Molly McAdams is from California, yay like me!...But she currently lives in Texas with her husband.She enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and of course long walks on the beach."


Until next time!
<3 Bobbi

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Arabelle's Shadows by Fleur Gaskin

Title: Arabelle's Shadows
Author: Fleur Gaskin
Published: November 2012
Genre: Women's Fiction
Reviewer: Hannah


Everything in Arabelle's life is coming together. She has confidence, great friends, she's even dating Naak, a  wealthy Thai socialite.

But there are too many models in Bangkok. Arabelle's broke, she can't find an agent in New York, and Neek isn't as wonderful as he first appears. Slowly the SHadows creep back into Arabelle's mind, bringing with them thoughts of hopelessness and despair. The vile Shadows know something Arabelle's refusing to remember and, if she's not careful, they'll use it to destroy her.

Based on a true story, Arabelle's Shadows takes us on a journey through the struggles of growing up, not quite making it as an international model, and attempting to overcome a crushing depression.


I'd like to thank the author Fleur for providing me with a copy of Arabelle's Shadows to read and review:D

I really enjoyed this book....well, I don't think "enjoyed" is the right word. It's a very painful book--we see Arabelle struggling with lifelong depression, we see her going through various ups and downs, extreme happiness and extreme sadness. It's a book that I think many people can relate to in one way or the other, because no one has a perfect life.

It was a bit confusing to read--we are constantly jumping between various times in Arabelle's life, and it was hard to keep straight what was going on. And the fact that it was written in a somewhat diary format made the events seem disjointed.

I wish the book had been better structured, but overall, I thought it was great, a fantastic look at what depression can do to someone. I HIGHLY recommend Arabelle's Shadows, especially to those struggling with the same problems in their life.


The Year of the Great Seventh by Teresa Orts

The Year of the Great Seventh
The Year of the Great Seventh
by Teresa Orts
Source: ARC Review Copy
Format: Paperback
Expected publication: July 6th 2013 by Drayton Press
Goodreads Synopsis:
Sophie has always felt out of step—an outsider, even amongst friends in her high school with all the hype about celebrity culture. Her life in L.A. seems to have been already written for her, but when her junior year starts, it all takes a drastic turn. When she crosses paths with the school's heartthrob, Nate Werner, they fall for each other in a way neither can understand. What they don’t know is that by giving in to their desires, they are unlocking an ancient Egyptian prophecy that threatens to return Earth to the dark ages.

To undo the curse, Nate and Sophie embark on an adventure that takes them across the country. But their quest is not only to save the world as they know it. It is also a fight for their very survival. Behind the scenes, there are those that are counting on them to fail.

My Thoughts:
I see "curse" or "outsider" and BAM! I'm hooked. I have to read the book because I know it'll be entertaining and it'll make me curious to see what curse the character has and how they are going to go about breaking it. Teresa Orts, you definitely did not disappoint!

I'll be honest and say that the cover was the first thing that attracted me to the book. I mean look at it! Then I look at the title "Hmm..wonder what the connection is to the Great Seventh." Then I read the synopsis and curse and outsider were there and I knew I had to read to find out what was going to happen. I haven't read too many books where ancient Eyptian prophecy reigns so that sealed the deal.

One thing that I absolutely loved was that Sophie is into history! Total history nerd! Reminded me so much of my AP US History teacher. SO much alike. I always loved that class because he made it seem so alive and always had the every question I asked and I feel like Sophie is the same. She gets excited about it. Brains and beauty. We don't get stuck with the same type of girl you usually see that is super smart and is a total snob for it or a pretty girl who knows she is and throws it in everyone's face in chance she has. Type of friend I'd be happy to hang out in museums with. Nate, on the other hand, oh what can I say about Nate. He is stuck with this horrendous curse and he's trying to hard to do the right thing but you have to remember that love can't be pushed away. It's just not something that can be done. Even though he's stuck this way he's going to fight and find a way out. I like his determination. It's inspiring.

Don't let the first couple chapters think this is going to be a slow book. Oh no! The Year of the Great Seventh will have you flipping pages so fast people will think you're actually trying to fan yourself! I thought "Oh, I'll read a few chapters and go to sleep." Hah! I got halfway through the book when I noticed the time! THAT'S when I had to put it down and actually go to sleep. And I was getting to the really good parts!

Ok so there's this awesomely funny part involving an eraser that makes me laugh every single time I think about it. Here, I'll be nice and give a tiny bit of it.
"Suddenly, something hit me in the back of the head, bringing me back to the real world. I looked at the floor to find a piece of pink pencil eraser."
 *laughs* Every time!
This book is great! Spectacular work done by Teresa for her first book. Read it!
I've rated The Year of the Great Seventh

Teresa OrtsTeresa Orts studied economics and went on to work in the financial industry. She lives in London with her husband and son and this is her first novel. If you want to know more about her, please visit her website
Author: Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter

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Blog Tour | Love Exactly by Cassandra Giovanni

Love ExactlyLove Exactly
by Cassandra Giovanni
Source: ARC Review Copy
Format: Paperback, 320 pages
Published: June 20th 2013 by Cassandra Giovanni
Goodreads Synopsis:
Emma Walker was a writer who'd lost herself to someone else's anger--who had given up on ever feeling like herself again.
Evan Levesque was a rock-god--the one all the woman wanted, but he'd never gotten used to the loneliness between the stage and real life.
With just one cup of coffee they'll begin a journey of self-discovery at each others sides, but can Emma handle Evan's fame while dealing with her own demons? Emma's checkered personal past, a bad relationship that haunts the edges of her memories, threatens to make everything implode on them when Evan takes matters into his own hands.
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words...they'll destroy my soul--Can Emma handle being put back together and facing who she's become because of it?
GENRE: New Adult>Contemporary Romance
Mild to moderate sexual content
My Thoughts:
All those teasers Cassandra posted were not a let down! Love Exactly is spectacular!

We met Emma, a young journalist trying to come with a horrible past and not really succeeding. Little does she know that all she needs is love to help get past her past. I can't say that I that I know what she went through but I can certainly sympathize with her. No one should go through what she did. Many would've let life go completely but she hung in there the to the best of her abilities. Strong young lady, Emma. I really loved seeing her grow past this moron and loved reading her determination to not lose the one person who accepted her. Evan. *melts* Why can't we have guys like Evan in our lives! Such a great character! (I think I have a new book crush!) Some spine tingling awesomeness these two!

Yeah there were a few errors here and there but nothing that would send me over the edge in frustration. More noticeable is Cassandra's growth in her writing! There were huge differences that I noted and gave two thumbs up for! Really fantastic! The only thing that did bug me was that it was very fast paced. I would've liked to have seen it slowed down a bit to really learn more about their growing relationship but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I have to many favorite scenes to just pick one so I'll let you share them with me. I will say that you HAVE to read Love Exactly! Spectacular summer read and something they well stay with you long after you're done!
I rated Love Exactly:

Cassandra GiovanniAuthor Biography: Cassandra doesn't remember a time when she wasn't writing. In fact, the first time she was published was when she was seven years old and won a contest to be published in an American Girl Doll novel. Since then Cassandra has written more novels than she can count and put just as many in the circular bin. Her personal goal with her writing is to show the reader the character's stories through their dialogue and actions instead of just telling the reader what is happening. In 2012 she became a published Young Adult author, releasing In Between Seasons (The Fall, #1) and Walking in the Shadows. In 2013 she branched out by using her artistic illustrating talents to publish her first Children's novel, The Adventures of Skippy Von Flippy: Tales of Friendship (Skippy Tales, #1). Cassandra will also release her first New Adult novel, Just One Cup, in the Spring of 2013.

Cassandra is a freelance professional photographer known for her automotive, nature and architectural shots. She is the owner of Gio Design Studios, a photography and publication marketing company that designs covers and marketing materials for authors utilizing the company's photography. She is currently studying to receive a degree in Marketing. Cassandra is happily married to the man of her dreams and they live in the rolling hills of New England with the other loves of her life their dogs, Bubski and Kanga.

Follow Cassandra: Website | Blog | Facebook | Goodreads
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**There's a great giveaway as a part of the tour! Don't forget to hit each blog each day for extra entries by searching for the bold term and entering it in the rafflecopter!**

Kevin Hearne: Book Signing Adventures

Hello Readers!

A few month back, I wrote about the Hunted tour (The Iron Druid Chronicles), written by Kevin Hearne, in which I was super excited to attend.  Well this past week finally was the day of the signing! I have to admit it was pretty awesome. I had never been to a book signing before, so I really didn't know what to expect from it. Honestly, I was a little nervous! 

Now the book signing was at this awesome local bookstore called Kepler's Bookstore (Kepler's Bookstore). I had never been to this particular bookstore before but count me as a regular! While I was wondering the store, I got there early :P, I found this amazing table full of autographed copies of books!! Seriously, a whole table full of autographed books.....

Many of the books were titles I recognized, and what is even more awesome is they don't charge extra for autographed books either. 
While searching through this table, I ended up finding and purchasing a signed copy of Beautiful Creatures :] hehe

Ok, now to the main event, Kevin Hearne!

For any fans of the Iron Druid Chronicles, Hearne announced there will be a total of 9 books in the series! wooohhooo!
 The 7th book, Shattered, will be out next April or June of 2014.
He also plans to make an anthology of all the short stories for the Iron Druid Chronicles.

Hearne will also be one of three authors selected to write a novel for Star Wars that takes place after after A New Hope but before The Empire Strikes Back. Apparently, there is a three year gap in the storyline between those movies, Hearne's book will focus on Luke. 

After every one had asked their questions about various aspects of the series, we all had a chance to meet and greet with Hearne AND get our books signed!

Kevin Hearne was amazing to meet because he was so down to earth and personable with everyone. You can really tell he LOVES to write and is not just in it for the money. At one point he was asked about creating merchandise for the series but he simply said no because it was take his time away from writing. Now how awesome is that!

I have said it before, there are so many reasons to start reading this series, but the fact that he is so genuine should be reason enough :D

Happy reading!

<3 Bobbi

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The Sacrificed by Jordan Link

The SacrificedThe Sacrificed
by Jordan Link
Source: Publisher
Format: ebook, 180 pages
Published: May 6th 2013 by Entranced Publishing

Goodreads Synopsis:
Emerald Hayden lives in the City of Centsia, a half-winged among the other walkers. She has no family, friends, or food: only a grim future filled with tiresome labor in the upper level’s factories. But everything changes when she meets Dusk, a winged from the place that she previously scorned. He opens her eyes to a new possibility: the possibility of the unity of winged and walkers, of freedom, and of love. Together, they decide to challenge the upper level’s supreme, winged council. But when a friend betrays them, they must choose whether to sacrifice their beliefs and save their own lives, or to remain along the thin line that divides the city in two. Success could mean liberty; failure, death.
My Thoughts:
Do you crave adventure? How about a bit of romance? And how about some flying scenes with cute winged guys? Hah! Got your attention didn't I!?

You want excitement? Life or death situations? This is your kind of book! Emerald is a cool kind of chick. She has the misfortune of being born a hybrid but does she let that slow her down? Well, ok at first she does but as she grows she realizes that no. Just because you're a mix of two worlds does not mean you can't do anything to help the horrible world in which you live in! Once she picks up steam you can't stop this girl! Really enjoyed seeing her grow along with Dusk in this book. Things are hard in Centsia, but that doesn't mean she has to crawl under a rock and let everything go by. Like I said, a cool chick, Emerald.

Not gonna lie, the beginning was a bit slow and kind of fast all at once. Emerald is wallowing in self pity and then BAM! she meets Dusk and he whisks her away! Handful of chapters in and it starts to pick up! We meet characters that you'll love and some that you won't. There were some parts that became a bit boring that I really wanted to skim over but alas my reader self wouldn't let me. The little bits that weren't though were O.O exciiitttinngg!

My favorite parts hands down were the flying scenes. Although they weren't described in excruciating detail as I would've like them to be, I thoroughly enjoyed reading them! I could imagine what Jordan must've had in her head when she describes said scenes though.

The Sacrificed has everything you're looking for in a book! I am sure you'll like it as much as I did. O.o Maybe even more!
I've Rated The Sacrificed:
Jordan LinkAbout Jordan Link:
I am currently contracted with Entranced Publishing for my novel, The Sacrificed, which was released as an E-book on May 6th, 2013. I was also the first place winner of the Jack L. Chalker Young Writers' Contest in 2012 for my short story "The Bubble". I was accepted into the Oh, the Stories They Tell! anthology for my short story "Demon Slayer." The anthology will soon be released on Amazon.
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Buy The Sacrificed: Amazon | B&N


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