Thursday, June 27, 2013

Broken (Afflictions of the Evolved #2) by Shawnda Currie

Hello readers!
I have missed you all! But now that I am back  I have another awesome book to share with you! But before I get to that, sorry I have been MIA. For any of you who have been following movies, you know that some HUGE blockbusters have been hitting the big screen. Recently my theatre did 11,000 people in one day! 0_o Crazy huh? Anyways my personal favorite currently, Monsters University!
.... ok back to books!

Broken (Afflictions of the Evolved #2) 
by Shawnda Currie

Read from June 10 to 18, 2013, read count: 1
Review: Bobbi
Rating: 3/5 birdies

Broken was a great follow up to Altered Revelations of the Evolved by Shawnda Currie! It takes place directly after Altered ends, which I really enjoy in a series because as a reader, I feel like I do not miss anything in between. I always wonder what occurs during that time. Where did the characters go, what did they do. Broken solves that issue!

 Now your most likely thinking, if this were so great of sequel to Altered, then why did I rate it only three birdies. Well, between both Altered and Broken, I enjoyed Altered more. Now I am not saying I didn't enjoy Broken, because I most certainly did! But as a reader, so far Altered is my favorite of the series. I just didn't think Broken deserved the same rating. 

Lacey tends to be over jealous when it comes to Taylor, and while yes I understand why her character might react that way, and in part she has good reason to, it was a little much to the point where it was semi-annoying. However, the relationship aspect between Taylor and Lacey is adorable and makes up for ANY semi-annoying jealously!! Being a sucker that I am for for love stories, I love their chemistry between the two. I look forward to reading the third book!

If you are looking for a quick read, something that is short and easy to get through, with a little romance give this series a chance. It is very entertaining to read :]

Shawnda Currie pictured to the right; lives in Ontario with her husband, 2 sons and 2 cats. She hopes to write an adult novel about the revenge of a scorned woman!

3/5 birdies


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