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Author Interview | Jordan Link

Hello my lovelies!
Today, Friday of all Fridays, I have something special! *drumroll* Ladies and gents, meet Jordan Link!
Welcome Jordan to BB&MB! I became very excited to interview you after the first few pages of The Sacrificed!
Wings vs the Wingless. I loved the concept and it didn't fail to captivate. How did the idea for this book come about? *leans in curiously* 
I go through a certain train of thought when I’m trying to decide what to write. First, I pinpoint the genre, which is usually fantasy. Then I decide whether or not it’s going to be dystopian. Dystopian is a favorite of mine, and I decided to use it in The Sacrificed. Lastly, I just let my mind roam.
Emerald, at the beginning, acted just like hybrids do. Scared, she wants to be one or the other but can't seem to relate to either. Was she one of those characters that just started taking and wouldn't shut up until you gave her you're full attention? Have you ever be told that she is somewhat like Hawk Girl? 
Emerald, unlike some of my other characters, was actually rather quiet in my mind. In a bizarre way, her situation can be related to horror movies vs. real life. In movies, the main character screams as loudly as they can when they feel lost. In real life, people grow silent and introverted. I’ve never been told that she was like Hawk Girl, but I can see that now!
Let’s talk about the names. Emerald, Dusk, Zoe. Where did you give up with these names? *quirks left eyebrow* These characters make them so sound exotic, in my opinion. 
The Sacrificed
Love, love, LOVE the cover! I can just imagine dusk flying
over with Emerald!
I always try to relate a character’s name to their personality and appearance. Emerald is unique, and most gems are different in some way. Her eyes also take on an emerald shade. Dusk is soft-spoken, and has a pale/ashen appearance. Zoe’s name was completely different at the start of the manuscript, but I had to change it because of its resemblance to another popular character’s name.
As a young child, did you know you wanted to be writer or was it something that tickled at the back of your brain until you gave it your full attention? 
I suppose I always knew. I read books constantly, and the next book in the series was what I looked forward to. In eighth grade, I wrote my first manuscript, but it was arguably the worst prose ever written.
If there is something that always attracts me, is the thought of people flying with or without wings. *smiles like a dork* Think Angel from X-men and Max from the James Patterson series. Is this the same for you? Why or why not? 
I like the freedom that flying entails. Also, people with advantages over others make for a good dystopian tale. I read Maximum Ride after I finished The Sacrificed, and was relieved that there was little likeness between them. That’s another reason why I write fantasy—there’s a lot of room for variety!
You sit down to write. Do you just go off the top of your head and make everything flow or do you go by notes and outlines? 
I do a little bit of both. I plot the main points of the story, the ‘twists’ and the foreshadowing. Then, I fill in the gaps and make ends meet.
What were your favorite scenes to write? *whispers conspiratorially* Mine would have to be the flying scenes. 
Jordan LinkI loved the scenes involving Emerald and Dusk, including the flying ones. Their relationship was tense from the beginning, and based on a reader’s perspective Dusk may or may not have not been the one for Emerald. I also enjoyed writing the scenes between Emerald and Zoe, the council assassin. Emerald, a ‘broken bird’ in many ways, placed her trust in the hands of the only person who could hurt her directly.     
I love to listen to music while reading. The band that I thought was perfect while I read was Young the Giant. *bobs head to music only she can hear* Was there a song or playlist that helped when writing The Sacrificed? If so, can you share a song or two? 
I’m going to be one of the only authors to say this, but I find music incredibly distracting while writing. I used to listen to the pop violinist Lindsey Sterling during literary jaunts, but I found that the beat of the music rarely matched the tone of the scene. But the scene was still influenced, which was unfortunate.
Thank you so much for stopping by! It was a great pleasure getting to know the mind behind The Sacrifice! 
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