Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Host [book] vs. The Host [movie]

 The Host [book] 
The Host [movie]

 Reviewer: Bobbi

Hello readers!
Now those who remember, I wrote a review for The Host by Stephanie Meyer back in January (5/5). Coming from a die hard fan, I tried to view this story with fresh eyes so that nothing, such as my love for the Twilight Saga, would cloud my judgement of my review. I'd like to think i was successful :P Anyone who has read The Host can agree that there is something special about this book that made it irresistible. And while yes it does have the typical love story thrown in the mix, the book was something that I had not read before. I personally think this was Stephanie Meyer's best work.

If you have read my bio , Bobbi's World, you might have noticed that I work for AMC Theatres :P So along with my reading obsession, I also have a soft spot for movies...especially those based off books..hehe! 

With that said, I was STOKED for The Host to hit the big screen! And last Friday (March 29th, 2013) it did!

Now, I am normally the type of person who enjoys movies based off books, even if some details were changed. I've learned to accept small changed here there because I like to enjoy the magic of seeing something I enjoy live before my eyes, which was I was so surprised that I was overall disappointed by the movie:/  

Bummer, right?

 The movie had great potential to take a special story and share it with general public, but what made the book special wasn't translated to the all. Of course I understand the issues of translating a 600 page book to a two hour movie, but certain scenes in the book that made the book great were completely omitted from the movie! ugh!  

One of my favorite scenes in the book is where Wanda (the main character) is sitting in the cafeteria surrounded by her captors, who slowly but surely have become her friends. During this scene she describes her many lives on different planets. The worlds she describes are amazing! This scene really gives you a tremendous insight to Wanda and to her species. You also begin to see why they wanted to take over the human race.

If your a die hard fan of books, there is hope yet! Stephanie Meyer recently announced she will be writing a sequel to The Host! EEEKKK!

I encourage you to watch the movie to make own opinion, but i'd wait for it come out on DVD :] 

See you next Thursday!
<3 Bobbi  



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