Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Nobody by Jeff Lemire

The Nobody 
by Jeff Lemire
Read from February 21 to March 01, 2013

About a year ago I found a love for graphic novels, and however I am really picky I wanted to share this mysterious story with all you graphic novel readers!.
The Nobody follows a strange new man who comes into a small town where everyone knows everything about everybody, the typical small town type. This strange new man creates a lot of attention not only because he is new to town, but because he covered from head to toe in bandages. 

Creepy right?

This story is so mysterious that you can't help but flip the pages to find out more to the story. Who is this strange mysterious man?? Why is he covered in bandages?? Why doesn't he want to be found??

  His character is enticing even if the idea is sort of creepy. He leaving you hurting where he hurts and smiling when he smiles. 

The art style fit the style of the story. Normally I am really picky about the art in graphic novels but after the first pages I got over the style of how the characters were drawn because it fits the mysteriousness of the story. 

Its a very short read, only 144 pages and since its mostly pictures you can fly through it! It is hard to tell if there will be a sequel or not. The story wraps up nicely but leaves it open to continue. Fingers crossed for a sequel!

4/5 birdies 

<3 Bobbi 


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