Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sever (The Chemical Garden Tilogy #3)

Sever (The Chemical Garden Trilogy #3) by Lauren DeStefano

Read from February 18 to March 03, 2013
 Read count: 1
Pages: 371
Book 3
Reviewer: Bobbi

Society perfected the human race, curing all diseases, allowing the human race to live out their full lives. Who would have thought this would only last one generation? Every generation after the perfect generation, a virus was now affecting the genes of new generation. Girls will die at age 20 and guys will die at 25.

The Chemical Garden Trilogy follows Rhine on her journey through this new society that has changed due to the virus. Rhine's quest to find her brother, to find freedom, and to feel love again keep Rhine moving. 

My Thoughts:

For a whole year I spent waiting for the release of Sever. When book 2 ended, Fever, it left readers with one of the best and worst cliff hangers ever!! I was so mad when it ended because you HAD to know what was going to happen! For those who haven't started the series, you are seriously lucky :P

Overall, I was not disappointed with Sever and I enjoyed it a lot. With my anticipation being so high I was a little worried that the story was not going to be everything I wanted. The beginning is a little slow, and there is a recap of the previous books, so if your like me and read them right when they came out you are in luck! The author does a nice recap that is evenly spaced.

Half way through the book is when the story starts getting really exciting! There are a few twists and turns i did not see coming at all!! At the end their is a HUGE twist, I won't say anything more about that :P

You meet a new Character, Reed, who I feel absolutely made this story for me. Reed's character is a little off genuine at heart. Of course, as in the other two books, Housemaster Vaughn's presence is strong causing Rhine despair at every aspect in her life, even parts where she didn't feel possible. His evilness shines through more and more in each book, with this book showing how evil  he can be to everyone who crosses his path.

Since this is a trilogy, Sever is indeed the last one in the series :( BUT, the story wraps up nicely and I feel it answers those unanswered questions or things you were wondering about.   

For a long time this has been one of my favorite series and I have bugged my friends to death to read this series. The Cheimcal garden Trilogy is solid all the way through, and a very entertaining read from book 1 (Wither), to book 2 (Fever), and finally book 3 (Sever). I hope you readers enjoy it as much as I did :]

4/5  (Wither was my favorite hehe)

<3 Bobbi  


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