Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BLogoversary Day 3: The bloggers.

Hello Hello!
 photo 84c78093-eb92-4be5-a9bb-e0b0356664b9_zps59ed6e09.jpgToday's post is all about the incredible bloggers that help with with this blog. Yep there are 4 ohter amazing bloggers that help out as much as they can and add so much spice to the blog (you know I'm all about the spice!). Thank you ladies! I'm so glad to have you.

You can find little bio's of us in the About Us page.

 Has a taste for manga and a wide variety of fenres as long as they're good! Otherwise she'll let you know exactly what she didn't like. Plus her reviews will always make you laugh in one way or another.

Will one day be our resident author! Good thing she joined Goodreads because then I wouldn't have met her and she wouldn't be here regaling everyone with the amazing books she reads.


 Can you tell by the picture who her favorite cartoon is?
*thinks hard* Nope don't know. Hehe. She may not have been reading since diapers but boy does she have an amazing taste in books!

 She's a mum of 2 kids and she stills finds time to read! And review! This lady is awesome!

Be sure to enter the rest of the giveaway!
I'd like to thank Kaitlyn Davis who donated a copy of Simmer & Blaze (Ignite is already free).
You can follow her here: Goodreads | Website | Twitter | Facebook
I'd also like to thank M.L. Woolley for donating a paperback copies of Dark Passage & Underworld as well as 5 ebooks of each!
You can follow her here: Goodreads | Twitter

Dark Passage (Dark Passage, #1) Underworld (Dark Passage, #2)
Blaze (Midnight Fire, #3)Ignite (Midnight Fire, #1)Simmer (Midnight Fire, #2)

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