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Blogoversary Day 1: How it started.

Hello Hello!
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 It's a celebration today! You may or may not have noticed that BooksBooks&MoreBooks is turning ONE! One year old! Ah, where has the time gone?! I've had so much fun this last year!
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Blow out the candle guys! *throws confetti*

 Listen up my peeps because I am going to share a story. A story about a girl and he reading addiction.
Once upon a time there was a short little person names Martha. She had grown up loving books and reading as many as she could carry from the library (which at times was not that many because they were so thick and no one would help her carry more). One day while trolling through her newly made Goodreads account, she encountered a young lady with a blog (I can't remember which one it was) who had so many fun things regarding books. Reviews, Character Interviews, oh how she had fun going through her posts learning about new books she had never heard of as well as adding them to her TBR pile. Well when she went back to Goodreads she noticed there were threads dedciated solely to blogs and being followed and exchanging blog buttons. She started going through as many blogs as she could everyday at any free moment she had and following all the ones that caught her fancy (which were A LOT). She noticed that a lot mentioned that that they loved to share their opinions with others. "I like to share my opinion too." said Martha.

About a month after having created her Goodreads account and trolling through MANY blogs this little person decided to create one of her own. Now, she really had no idea hot to start. So she started with reviews here and there. Learned a whole lot of html she didn't know about before. Learned how to make buttons, banners, blog stops. Added giveaways once in a while. Interviewed Author and Character from time to time and before she knew it she had followers and review requests.

"My followers want a different voice and different opinions." said this little person so she decided to post a "Co-blogger needed" thread on Goodreads. That is when Hannah, the spunky reviewer was added. Not long after the little person added Catherine the great, Bobbi the charasmatic, and Nitza the marvelous. This little person was so happy because she had different voices and opinions and everything was AWESOME!

Now wasn't that a great story. ;D  
I have a fantastic little interview. We talk birthdays, bouncy houses and more! Check it out!
Welcome Axel and Dean, to BooksBooks&MoreBooks!

I am sooooo happy to have you here celebrating with me our blogoversary!

Axel: Thank you for inviting us.
Dean: Pleasure is all mine. *grins*

I'm going to melt into a puddle! What do you guys usually do for your birthdays? Any special traditions? Cake is important to any anniversary/birthday celebrations. In my house we have a tradition where we make the person being celebrated try to bite into the cake and when they do we shove their face into the cake (we try to aim their face to a corner so as not to ruin the whole cake) which makes for a hilarious smearage of frosting all over their faces! *smiles with nostalgia*

Dean: *gestures toward Axel* Ladies first. I insist.*laughs*

Axel: Ever the charmer. *rolls eyes* At any rate, celebrating a birthday is all about spending it with you family and loved ones. Unfortunately, my father and brother like to celebrate in style with the rest of Dracians. So I get to spend it with them… and about thousand other people. *blushes*
Hmmm I wonder how I can get an invite to that kind of party...

Dean: That’s putting it lightly, more like the entire Dracia. *looks back to Martha* I think you’ve seen my style of celebration in Dracian Legacy. A little bit of beer, some music, and a whole lot of fun times that last into the wee hours the following morning.
Or even this one! Damn you nerves!

Describe your ideal anniversary/birthday party. Cake? Ice Cream? Friends and family of low key movie with a few close friends? *face becomes red as a tomato* Or maybe dinner with a special someone? *coughs nervously*

Axel: I think a nice quiet evening, maybe talking, would be my dream birthday. That would be welcoming change.
I'm sure it would be.

Dean: What makes you think what I’ve said above is not my ideal birthday party? Trying to be sneaky Martha? *winks*
*smiles cheekily* Always, Dean!

One year older! *gasp* I try to do one thing off of my bucket list. Do guys have bucket lists and if so what is one thing you've always wanted to do and haven't been able to yet? Romantic getaway? Climbing Mt Everest? Skydiving?


Dean: My bucket list is pretty short since I do what I want and when I want… about 99% of the time. But… there is one thing I’m saving for the end of my life is, I want to join the ashram where people devote their life to simplicity. I think that would be a nice way to go… Just simple and devoted to the entity that rules us.
Axel: *looks at Dean shocked* *clears throat* I would definitely like to travel the world for fun and not because duty calls.

Alright guys, time to fess up! One of you has kicked out all the little kids and jumped around the bouncy house laughing like a 7 year old!

Axel: Dean.

Dean: Me! *grins devilishly* I always take credit for my good deeds.
Haha! Dean you and I are two peas in a pod when it comes to bouncy houses!

Well that's all the time we have *saddens* for today but thank you so much to you Dean and Axel for stopping by and celebrating with me and the awesome bloggers! I hope to see the both of you soon! *smiles*


Axel and Dean: Thank you!

Dean: It’s always a pleasure to meet eligible single ladies… *looks up through hooded eyes* You are single, sweetheart?

Axel: Seriously dude, take it down a notch!
Those two are just so.....*attempts to stop drooling* Happy Blogoversary to us! ;P 

I'd like to thank Priya Kanaparti for donating a copy of Dracian Legacy.
You can stalk her here: Goodreads | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Google + | Pinterest
And of course we can't forget to thank Eva Pohler for donating copies of The Gatekeeper's Sons & The Gatekeeper's Challenge PLUS Athena's owl bracelet ( I am soooo coveting that you have no idea :D)
You can stalk her here: Goodreads | Website | Twitter
Dracian Legacy (Dracian, # 1) The Gatekeeper's Sons (Gatekeeper's Trilogy, #1) The Gatekeeper's Challenge (The Gatekeeper's Trilogy, #2) 


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