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Author Interview | Blair Richmond

Out of Breath  (The Lithia Trilogy, #1)Hello Hello!

Today i am so excited to Interview the amazing Blair Richmond! She is the author of Out of Breath & The Ghost Runner, two book I have read, reviewed and loved ( You can read my review for Out of Breath as well as my review for Ghost Runner) and now I am anxiously waiting for book 3 (I don't know the title yet). Anywho, Blair was kind enough to answer some of my pesky questions. Check it out!

Tell us a little about yourself.
I live in Oregon. Needless to say, I like to live anonymously in the small town in which I live. 

When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?
I came to writing later in life. I've always loved to read, and when I realized I wanted to talk about the environment and animals, I decided to try saying it with stories. Which turned out to be really fun.
The Ghost Runner (The Lithia Trilogy, #2)
The vampires are so unique in this series, what was the inspiration behind them?
I can blame (and credit) Twilight for my books. The idea that the Cullens are "vegetarian" because they feed on animals instead of humans really got me fired up. I'm an animal lover and I don't eat meat. So I began to think about vampires as characters who have the ability to evolve, much like humans. And pretty soon I had a vision for the trilogy and got working on the first book and the ideas for the other two. 

Are any of the characters modeled after any real person?
Kat is the young person I wish I was when I was her age. Strong. Not fearless but also willing to fight through her fears. I often spent my young life running from fears and if I had to do again I'd learn a thing from Kat. I guess in a way I'm learning from her now. This series, for example, wouldn't be here if I had listened to my fears.

Kat has had a hard life. Are you personally familiar with any of her struggles?
I'm not a runaway, though I've certainly spent my fair share of my life imagining it. One thing I've learned, and which Kat learns too, is that you can't always outrun things even if you want to. So this is why her past catches up to her in the second book -- this is usually what happens in real life too.

The environment is an important theme in the series. Is it something you are passionate about?
Absolutely. I'm tired of people treating the world's problems as something they can't control, as something that's too late to stop. We all have a role to play in leaving this planet better than we found it. I hope Kat inspires a few young people to devote their lives to cause, whatever it may be -- forests, animal rights, the oceans. Because without a clean planet, without wildlife, nothing else matters.

What is your favorite genre and why? Is there a specific book that made this genre your favorite?
I love mysteries and thrillers. But I also love so-called literary fiction. I'm always looking for anything with environmental themes. There's not a lot out there which is one reason I decided to write a book myself.

You have an idea for a story. What is the process to actually writing it? Do you outline? Dive right in?
I try to outline but often give up and just dive in. Mostly, I need one or two scenes in my mind before I feel I'm ready. And an idea for an ending. 

Best and worst things you've been told as a writer?
Best: That my book is suspenseful and that readers can't wait to see what happens next.
Worst: That my book is preachy. 

Are you the type of reader who will read all day or do you read long into the night because you want to read one more chapter?
I'm a night owl. Borderline insomniac, though I can't blame reading entirely for that. I read at night though, almost entirely. It's nice when everything's quiet and you can get totally immersed in a good story.

As you can see Blair is awesome! Go check out my reviews and add them to your TBR piles! They have a little bit of everything. They'll leave you wanting more! 

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