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Unmaking Hunter Kennedy by Anna Eliot

Unmaking Hunter KennedyUnmaking Hunter Kennedy
by Anne Eliot
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Format: Kindle Edition, First Edition, 422 pages
Published: October 17th 2012 by Butterfly Books, LLC
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Goodreads Synopsis:
After a car accident--an event he considers a prank gone bad--pop star, Hunter Kennedy is forced to hide out with his aunt in small-town Colorado. He’s supposed to rest, heal his scars and attend high school in disguise until the press dies down. But he only wants to get back to work.

Worse, the girl who’s been assigned to make him over into a geek is a major geek herself. Vere Roth is a chattering pixie, a blushing tornado and a complete social disaster. He’s never met a girl who’s never-been-kissed, believes in romance and thinks Hunter’s a 'nice' guy.

Funny thing is...Hunter is nice around Vere because she’s his first real friend. He also can’t seem to stop sharing his secrets or keep her out of his heart. Knowing he’d never deserve a girl as sweet as Vere, he resigns himself to the friend zone, and helps his new bestie with her own makeover.

She tortures him daily for ridiculous guy advice on how to snag her life-long crush. A guy Hunter thinks is totally wrong for Vere, and sadly, one who has taken note of Vere’s transformation.

When Vere asks her best friend for some kissing advice, Hunter can’t resist...

And that’s when things get out of control...

High School Romance, first love, sweet romance

My Thoughts:
I'd forgotten how much I loved this genre! Thanks for reminding me, Anna!

So we have the rock star who does a few really stupid things and gets sent off to some relative to hide out. Of course he needs help so said relative ( in this case the aunt) asks her neighbors to help out which is where all the fun commences! Hunter ( the rock star) is such a great character because I feel like these are the issues that a lot of teenagers go through in real life with single parents. Not only that but I feel like its something child actors go through as well ( although they don't talk about it). I mean who wouldn't go a little crazy when you basically have no say in your own life?! Psh I know I would! While living with his aunt he got to be normal and see that not everyone is out to get something from him. I blamed the mother for a big chunk of his crazy because all she had to do to help was talk to him but she decided that being his manger was better. I absolutely LOVED Vere! She was so adorable in all her dorky glory and the fact that she's one of the few who isn't into helping Hunter for anything is amazing! She's not a shrieking fangirl ( she even kind of hates his music) is even better! I loved that she was still oblivious to his regard for her.

I liked how the story was cut up into parts to show us Hunter's change throughout the book ( because it's a HUGE change). As soon as I got my copy I read as much as I possibly could (I probably finished it in less than less than 6 hrs even though is pretty big) because it was just that good! I loved reading about the change while it was happening that the fact that I got both of their POV's just added to it that much more!

A very sweet and adorable read. Such a great light read for when your in that "aww" mood! Highly recommend it!

I've Rated Unmaking Hunter Kennedy: (5/5)


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