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Shadow Days (Nightshade #0.5) by Andrea Cremer

Shadow Days (Nightshade #0.5) by Andrea Cremer
Bobbi’s Thoughts:
Read from July 12 to 13, 2012 — I own a copy, read count: 1, pages: 79

Shadows Days (Nightshade 0.5) by Andrea Cremer follows main character, Shay, as he moves into Rowan Estate. It takes place before the first book Nightshade gives the back story to Shay’s life.

Overall this was a very nice novella to read and was well written, but that's no surprise for those who enjoyed the Nightshade Series and the authors style of writing :]. Shay was my favorite character (actually he is one of my top guy characters period) in the Nightshade series and i'm really glad the author wrote the back-story leading to Shay moving to Rowan Estate. I do wish this particular story had been made into a novel instead of a very short novella or 79 pages.

The story is filled with fantastic, laugh out loud lines that sum up Shay’s character in a nutshell. There are also great references to the other 3 books from the series, not including the two prequels that have come out in the last year. The author also makes references to popular culture. At one point Shay references
The Hunger Games and Katniss. It was great! To see the author include those references because after all the setting is in present day.

I guarantee that if you love the
Nightshade series, Shadow Days will on enhance your passion for the series. Definitely a must read if your a fan of Shay. :] 

3/5 birdies 
while I did love this story, it was too short!! I wanted more :P

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