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Dracian Legacy (Dracian, #1) by Priya Kanaparti

Dracian Legacy (Dracian, # 1)Dracian Legacy (Dracian, #1)by Priya Kanaparti
Source: Review Copy
Format:Kindle Edition, 360 pages

Expected publication: February 14t h 2013 by Self-Published
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Goodreads Synopsis:
Ren and Axel are caught between two powerful magical races: one destined to end the bloodshed, the other out for vengeance.

Seventeen-year-old Ren Pernell is prophesied to end the war between the Dracians and the Telalians. So when a Dracian, Axel Knight, is sent to find and bring back the prophesied one before she turns eighteen and Telalians discover of her existence, unexpected sparks start to fly between the two. Once Ren finds the truth behind Axel’s arrival, she wants everything to do with him and nothing to do with his mission.

Things prove to become difficult as Ren’s life is constantly threatened by the Goarders, humans who sold their souls, a Proxy Succubi, and the leader of the Telalians, who has been searching for her as well.

With the clock ticking and Ren’s life in jeopardy, it is no longer just a mission for Axel. It becomes a personal endeavor to save the only one he’s ever loved. In a heart racing ending, they must find a way to evade the preordained war that won’t also end Ren’s life.

My Thoughts:
Reminded me of I Am Number Four.

The internal monologue that runs throughout its pretty hilarious! Ren is a hilarious character although she can be pretty dense sometimes. I mean all this talk about an Echo and ahh here I go about to spool the book! Lets just say she can be pretty dense. I liked her though because she reminds me of a young lady but age and who acts pretty much the same as Ren. Axel on the other have I almost immediately loved. What other bad boy have you read about that blushes? Or gets nervous? How cute! They can't all be perfectly confident in everything right? Of course we have the love triangle. In this case it's the ever cocky Dean. Ladies watch out for him! The one thing that bugged me was that Ren would feel bad about Axel and would jump Dean. Not cool, Ren. Between Axel and Ren though I got a strong sense of insta-love. Yep they hang a few days and BAM! she fancies herself already half in love with Axel.

You know when you watch those horror movies where the MC is home alone with a homicidal maniac and you're yelling at her to run? Yep I wanted to yell at Ren to run sometimes! Run from Dean ( although it'd be kind of hard since he lives next door) because he's obviously not good for her (as a bf). Run from the crazy kid who says he's got powers. But alas, I have to admit that these as always the most entertaining to watch because we know that in the end the MC will find a way to escape the crazy!

The half was a bit slow. Nothing is really happening except for the love triangle but then in the second half you won't be able to put it down! All the juicy stuff starts to happen! I really would've loved to read about any previous encounters between Axel and Ren for her to be so annoyed by him in the beginning. That and to know how she she calmly took all the info that Axel gave her without freaking out even a little!

Overall, I would say read it because it's very entertaining. It'll make you laugh and swoon and even make you a little sad but it's a great read.
I've Rated Dracian Legacy: (4/5)
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