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Remembrance (Transcend Time Saga #1) by Michelle Madow

Remembrance (Transcend Time, #1)
Title: Remembrance (Transcend Time Saga #1)
Author: Michelle Madow
Source: Review Copy
Format: Paperback, 314 pages
Published: July 27th 2011 by Dreamscape Publishing (first published July 25th 2011)
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Goodreads Synopsis:
Lizzie Davenport has been reincarnated from Regency Era, England ... but she doesn't know it yet.

Then Drew Carmichael transfers into Lizzie's high school at the beginning of the year, and she feels a connection to him, almost like she knows him. She can't stop thinking about him, but whenever she tries talking with him about the mysteries behind her feelings, he makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with her. Reaching him is even more difficult because she has a boyfriend, Jeremy, who has started to become full of himself after being elected co-captain of the varsity soccer team, and her flirtatious best friend Chelsea starts dating Drew soon after his arrival. So why can't she get him out of her mind?

Even though Lizzie knows she should let go of her fascination with Drew, fighting fate isn't going to be easy.

My Thoughts on Remembrance:
What I liked: The idea of the characters were reincarnations of former Regency Era people fascinated me in large part because it sort of matched up with Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice characters(which is one of my favorite authors and books) so definitely got some points. Also the fact that I could relate to her to much was another point in her court (the french classes! takes me back a handful of years). There were a couple times where I wanted to shake her like I would any friend of mine in a similar situation. Reincarnation can be tricky so I rather appreciated the fact that Michelle made it easy to understand and didn't confuse me with the past and the present and swirling it all up like a chocolate cake, so yayy more points!

What I didn't like: There wasn't too much I didn't like.Actually it was probably one or two things that bugged me and that was probably it. One: Girl, will you just dump the boyfriend! The boy is ridiculous and treats her so bad and yet she stays with him. Like I said earlier there are times where she gets to be a bit annoying about the situation with Drew and that grates on my nerves but it's high school drama (although this might be just a tad more dramatic than the norm) and what can we say, eh? Two: Her mum situation, how is the woman never there and only seems to stop by maybe once to giver her some "motherly advice" yeah a bit crazy.

Overall, I would not mind picking up book two to see where it goes.Interesting plot, characters, and situations, what more could a girl ask for?! I recommend you go pick this one up because I'm pretty sure you're going to love it!
I've Rated Remembrance(4/5)

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