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Out of Breath (The Lithia Trilogy #1) by Blair Richmond

Out of Breath  (The Lithia Trilogy, #1)
Title: Out of Breath (The Lithia Trilogy #1)
Author: Blair Richmond
Source: Review Copy
Format:Paperback, 274 pages
Published October 31st 2011 by Ashland Creek Press (first published September 22nd 2011)
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Goodreads Synopsis:
Nineteen-year-old Kat Jones has been a competitive runner since she was a young girl, but after her mother's death, the path her life was supposed to take begins to crumble around her -- until one day, she finds herself on the run in a literal sense, this time in a race for her very life.

Kat's journey takes her to the Pacific Northwest town of Lithia, the place of her last good memories, of the days when her mother was still alive. But soon after her arrival, strange things begin to happen in Lithia -- and when one of her new friends disappears under mysterious circumstances, Kat begins to realize that Lithia's inhabitants are not all of this world. Worst of all, she is falling in love with one of these otherworldly locals, and the friend who hopes to save her has secrets of his own.

As Kat tries to rebuild her life, she is also training for a race that will turn out to be her biggest challenge yet, as she must outrun not only the demons of her past but the demons of the here and now, who threaten her very existence and that of the entire town...

My Thoughts on Out of Breath:
Let me just say that the cover is a bit creepy! Porcelain dolls, statues with no eyes, *shivers* creepy!

Aside from the cover, this book was great! The beginning was so heart-wrenching! I kept thinking, "That could happen to me" and it made me sad because not everything goes according to plan and it's even worse when things go so far down south that they reach Antarctica! Well that's pretty much what happens with Kat. She had such a bright and promising future planned out and then one little incident changes it all. She ends up bumming it on the streets not knowing when her next meal will come. She decides to move back to Lithia and thus begins our adventure.

Kat has had a rough life she thought it was going to get better but there is always something to mess up your happy times. For having no one in the world to help her or even care what happens to her and having to live on the streets she's strong in every way. Many would have crumbled and given up but she has life by the horns and is not letting go! She is a real trooper. Heroines are not always those that have the superpowers sometimes it just those that can get themselves ahead in life and Kat is one of those heroines. She's such a great character that she's made into my top 20 favorite heroines.

So the plot. It goes from really bad where we learn Kat's history to a great change for her where she manages to get herself a job, a little cottage, and friends that care about her enough to help her. A bit of up and down but not one that will get you sea sick. Very rare sort of plot because even though there is a love triangle...or maybe even a love still has you turning the pages (or in my case swiping my finger across the screen). The only thing that bugged was if she had lived there before with her mum how did she not hear anything about vampires in that area? I guess I'll have to read the sequel to find out if maybe they explain this question of mine.

Now who would've thunk that vampires could come and interfere with this great little life she's made. These aren't even your normal vampires who drink blood...well not all of them...but vampires that need trees! Did I get your attention now?! Yes trees! You must read this book to understand what I'm talking about. Trust me you've never encountered vampires like the one mentioned in this book so far! 
I've Rated Out of Breath(4/5)

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