Friday, January 4, 2013

Interview with Derrolyn Anderson

Hola! 'Tis Hannah. Remember that book I reviewed quite a while ago? The Athena Effect? No? Well, you can read it here. Or, if you don't want to, you can completely ignore that link. Free country, your choice. Eh-hem, but moving on. Since I liked The Athena Effect so much, the thought occurred to me (much later after posting the review, unfortunately) that I should interview the author. So I did!:)

1) Hey Derrolyn! Let's begin with something simple. Tell us something about yourself--your family, where you live, where you grew up--anything you want.

Hello and thank you for having me! 

Let’s see… I was born during a blizzard in the middle of a cold Nebraska January, where my parents resided in student housing at the University of Nebraska. They named me Derrolyn after the school’s “Cornhusker Queen”- She must have been a real hottie!
Happily, my folks brought me up in sunny California, and now I live in the heart of the beautiful wine country with my wonderful husband and three beautiful daughters.

 2) What inspired The Athena Effect?

I love a good “fish out of water” story, and I had a character like Caledonia in mind for a while. I saw a “Nova Science Now” on brain function that described synesthesia and it got me thinking… That, along with LSD experimentation back in the day.

3) What is an average day for you? A day in the life of Derrolyn?

My husband and I run a small cat collar & cat toy business out of our garage, so my days are spent daydreaming about my characters and scribbling notes on little yellow pads while I make collars and box up catnip orders. I try to write a little every night while my awesome husband cooks dinner for all of his girls.

4) Any favorite books?

I like all kinds of genres, from romance to mystery to the classics. I read a lot of James Michener and Stephen King as a girl, but it was my daughter’s books, starting with Harry Potter, that got me back into reading novels and inspired me to try my hand at writing.

5) Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, what do you do to get rid of it?

I always have the beginning and end of every book set in my mind when I start, but I tend to get frustrated and bogged down in the center of my stories. I put my head down and force myself to muddle through, and eventually it just all pulls together like magic.

6) When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

In 2010 I started writing my first book, “Between The Land And The Sea”. It just poured out over that summer, and eventually evolved into the four part “Marina’s Tales” series. I’ve been hooked ever since.
I’m a painter, and I have a degree in graphic design/illustration, but I read somewhere that artists make good writers because they have the ability to visualize things in the abstract. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it J.

7) What do you do to relax after a long stretch of writing?

Drink some fine California Zinfandel. With dark chocolate on the side.

8) When will the sequels of The Athena Effect be available?

I’m about five chapters into the sequel, “The Mackenzie Legacy”, and I hope to have it complete by February. I expect the series to be a trilogy, but then again, I thought the same thing about “Marina’s Tales”.

9) How would you describe your writing style?


10) Are there any other projects in the works?

I bartended my way through college – Talk about a cast of characters! I have an idea bubbling on the back burner for a romantic suspense thriller inspired by those days.

11) Any guilty pleasures you care to admit?:)

Hmm… I like all kinds of things that may be illegal, immoral, or fattening, but I’ll admit to watching some pretty cheesy reality TV.

12) On average, how many books do you read in a year?

Not many lately I’m afraid, and I’ve been neglecting my painting too. When I’m writing something, I find it difficult to get into another story. I do believe that to be a good writer you must read a lot, so I have a huge backlog lurking on my Kindle!

13) Favorite character in The Athena Effect?

I’d have to go with Caledonia.

14) Favorite TV show?

Breaking Bad.

15) Anything to tell your readers?

Also, anyone who wants to check out my first book can download it free on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo & i-Tunes.

And thank you for having me here!

Thanks for the interview Derrolyn! Derrolyn and I are also hosting a giveaway for The Athena Effect! If you're interested the details will be posted soon! When they are, enter enter enter! I really enjoyed The Athena Effect!   


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