Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fire Country (Country Saga #1)

Fire Country (Country Saga, #1)Fire Country (Country Saga #1)
by David Estes
Format: 398 pages
Expected publication: February 1st 2013
Source: Review Copy
Author: Website | Goodreads | Twitter
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Goodreads Synopsis:
In a changed world where the sky bleeds red, winter is hotter than hell and full of sandstorms, and summer's even hotter with raging fires that roam the desert-like country, the Heaters manage to survive, barely.

Due to toxic air, life expectancies are so low the only way the tribe can survive is by forcing women to procreate when they turn sixteen and every three years thereafter. It is their duty as Bearers.

Fifteen-year-old Siena is a Youngling, soon to be a Bearer, when she starts hearing rumors of another tribe of all women, called the Wild Ones. They are known to kidnap Youngling girls before the Call, the ceremony in which Bearers are given a husband with whom to bear children with.

As the desert sands run out on her life's hourglass, Siena must uncover the truth about the Wild Ones while untangling the web of lies and deceit her father has masterfully spun.

My Thought:
Best David Estes book! Of course I could always change my mind when the sequel comes out! ;)

I don't know what I expected but it definitely was not this world. Not this world of heat, surviving and an amazing main character! Siena is 15 and in her peoples tradition at 16 she has to begin procreating to continue her people. A man who be chosen for her and she will be his good little wife. Hah! Siena does not wasn't to be that! Yes one should respect their elders but I loved Siena for her strength. Her stubbornness in wanting something else... maybe even someone else ;) If she were real I would probably tackle hug her for everything she stood up for. Very inspiring! Easily one if my favorite heroines! Thank God there is no insta-love in here! Love that blooms from a friendship is always more realistic and it added so much to this book! Two thumbs up!

With a setting the way David described it no wonder some of these people were going crazy! Absolutely love the way it was all described, I could almost feel the blazing heat on my face! Not just that though David always goes above and beyond with these worlds down to the way the characters speak! Very unique. If you've read any of his books you know you're in for a ride and if you haven't then buckle your seatbelt!. 

The journey Siena goes through is amazing and Perry (hehe you'll love him!) is hilarious! Now just when you think you've lost all hope and life will never go on, trust me it will because the end will leave you SPEACHLESS! At least it did to me :D 

Favorite part? Hmmm... so many to choose from. I'd probably have to go with...oh man but that would spill it! Ok how about... no that would say too much too. Daing! Ok how about you read it first and then we'll compare our favorites.

Overall, I would most definitely recommend Fire Country! Its jaw dropping, bust out laughing, hyperventilate, cry like a baby kind of book. Its got it all! READ IT!
I Rated Fire Country (5/5)



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