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Character Interview: Aphrodite | Daughter of Earth and Sky by Kaitlin Bevis

Hello all!
Are we ready for a new Character Interview?! I know I am!
Today we have a special guest. She is the goddess of love, beautiful as can be and she's also very spunky! Careful with her boys she's not like any girl you've ever met. She is Aphrodite! *crowd cheers and instantly falls in love with her*
Daughter of the Earth and Sky (Daughters of Zeus, #2)

That cover does her no justice! --->
*wearily not wanting to look her in the eyes* Hello Aphrodite. Welcome to BooksBooks&MoreBooks. How are you?
*laughs*  I'm not going to charm you! Oh let's see, I know how to answer this one. *folds hands* I'm fine thanks, how are you?

*visibly relaxes* I'm great. 
How was living with a priestess and learning to be normal?
I'm not a fan of Melissa the Teenage Bitch. But other than having to deal with her.... At all, it's been interesting. Everyone else is super nice to me and people keep offering to buy me things. What's not to like :)
*chuckles* What about Persephone? What is it like being friends with her?
Persephone's great. She's a bit bossy and way too idealistic, but she's nice. I'm really lucky she's my sister.

That's great to hear. I have a younger sister and it's always nice to have someone to talk to.
Share one thing you would like people to know about you.
I'm not easy. Seriously, people seem to hear the name Aphrodite and think that I'm some sort of slut. Ladies, seriously, if I wanted your man I would already have him, and gentlemen you are not as impressive as you think. 

*laughs* You tell 'em girl! Not all gods are the same! 
Why did you charm Persephone? From your perspective, of course.

Oh wow, I wouldn't read this answer if you haven't finished the book. what's the word, spoilers?
I didn't charm Persephone nearly as often as you think I did. That was someone else's work. Look again. :) My eyes aren't blue.
But for the times I did charm her, I didn't have a choice in the matter. Believe me I hated doing it. 
What is Zeus like? *leans in curiously*
*hesitates* he's.... Not pleasant. Have you ever had to obey every word that came out of someone's mouth? It's sort of terrifying never knowing what he's going to say next. What horrific thing I'll be told to do. Who I'll have to hurt. There's nothing good in Zeus. Nothing at all.

I'm so sorry Aphrodite. *awkwardly raises hand to pat her shoulder but decides against and lets it drop before she noticed* Parents are not always the best people for their children. 
At the end when you sensed something was not right what ran through your head? 
Mostly that we're all screwed. I'm sorry for my part in that. 

*shivers a bit in fear*
Then we will prepare ourselves for what is to come.
What is being a goddess like?
Wonderful. I'm pretty, I'm healthy, I'll live forever, and I have powers. I can see why people worship us.

*clears throat nervously* 
Most embarrassing thing that you've ever done or has happened to you?
I've never been embarrassed. I mean really, what possible thing could I have to be embarrassed about? 
* frozen in amazement* Wow you really are perfect. Can you give us mortals just a tiny bit of what might happen in book three?

Sure! A huge chunk of it is from my point of view. Oh yeah, there's some from Hades and Persephone too. Um... Spoilers and stuff.
Zeus has Persephone and Melissa and I ate trying to get her back by recruiting all the remaining gods to fight him, and thats all interesting and stuff but oh my gods, the guys I meet in book three. Triton, he's cute, for a kid. We also meet Ares, Adonis, and Hephaestus. They're.... Well mostly really hot but also kind of intense. 
Oh and Hades tried to kill me.

*jaw drops to the floor*
My goodness! Sounds like it promises to be an incredible book! I can't wait to read and of course your POV. *remembers herself and looks at clock* Unfortunately our time seems to have run out. *stands and bows awkwardly* Thank you for here and answering my questions, Aphrodite.
Thank you for having me. This has been very amusing :)
Aphrodite, ladies and gentlemen *hands a few guys tissues to wipe the drool off their faces*
Not your average goddess.
Join us next time for another riveting Character Interview.


  1. awesome character interview! I really enjoyed reading it!

    1. Thank you!
      I really enjoyed Interviewing her. You would not believe how beautiful she is! :D

  2. Love this! Lol! Great choice of character to interview. :)

    1. Me too!
      That's what I said when Kaitlin suggested I interview Aphrodite. :)



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