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Blog Tour | The Gatekeeper's Challenge (Gatekeeper's Trilogy #2) by Eva Pohler

The Gatekeeper's Challenge (The Gatekeeper's Trilogy, #2)The Gatekeeper's Challenge(Gatekeeper's Trilogy #2)
by Eva Pohler
Source: Review Copy
Format: Paperback, 228 pages
Published December 1st 2012 by Green Press
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Goodreads Synopsis:
Ten agonizing months have gone by since Therese faced off against her parents’ murderer at Mount Olympus, and she suspects Thanatos’s absence is meant to send her a message: go on with your life. She tries to return Pete’s affections even though her heart aches for the god of death, but when Than shows up to take her hamster’s soul, she becomes infuriated when he says he’s “been busy.” In cahoots with her new friend, who's gotten in with the Demon Druggies at school, Therese takes a drug that simulates a near-death experience, planning to tell Than off so she can have closure and move on, but things go very, very wrong.

Eventually she learns Than has been busy searching for a way to make her a god, and he’s found it, but it requires her to complete a set of impossible challenges designed by Hades, who hopes to see her fail.

My Thoughts:
Things rarely go the way we plan them, just ask Than and Therese!

I'm not sure how much I like Therese in this one. She seems a bit whiny about Than. Don't get me wrong I can definitely sympathize with her situation but that doesn't mean I like the way she handles it, at least not the part where she tries to see him. Not a very responsible way to go about and very dangerous. On the flip-side though the reason I like her is because she's brave enough to try these challenges instead of taking the easy road. If I had to fight a Minotaur I'd probably run for the hills! It's a minotaur!

The challenges Hades set seemed hard when he first said them but then when she actually had to perform them they seemed too easy. Too many things to help her and I sort of felt like she should've had it a little harder or at last less to help her. I mean, what she's going to get in return in HUGE! A life with Than and immortality? Yeah I would've made it a lot harder. Or maybe Hades was doing it on purpose and making one of the hard so that she would fail! He did pretty much hate her when he set the challenges. Oooohh buddy! O.o

The ending! Ahhh! I need book 3 NOW! Need to know what happens! Is there a loophole? Can something be changed? Is there any hope at all?

Overall, I would say read it. Give it a shot.
I've Rated The Gatekeeper's Challenge(3/5)

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