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Aversion (The Mentalist Series, #1)

Title: Aversion (The Mentalist Series, #1)
Author: Kenechi Udogu 
Source: Beta Review Copy
Format: Kindle Edition
Published December 1st 2012
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Goodreads Synopsis:
For Gemma Green’s first time, things should have been straightforward. Find your subject, hold their gaze and push a thought into their head to save them from future disaster – Aversion complete. A pretty simple process given that the subject was to have no recollection of the experience. But Russ Tanner doesn’t seem to want to forget. In fact the more she tries to avoid him, the more he pushes to get to know her. Gemma knows she has a problem but is she facing the side effects of a failed Aversion or has the school’s tennis champ really fallen for her?

My thoughts:
Having the ability to change someone's life is what first attracted me to Aversion.

I want to feel sorry for Gemma but I can't. She is strong and stubborn and eventually she'll get her way (because that's how stubborn she is). Her first Aversion is gone a bit wonky and now she has no idea if Russ likes her for her or if he likes her because she averted him. Either way things get verrrrrry interesting for the both of these characters. When I was reading I myself would have felt the same way Gemma did. I mean Russ has been averted and he should have never noticed her but then he does and becomes mighty persistent. I like this kid. Persistence pays off just ask this dog! I guess they're kind of great that way (Gemma and Russ, I mean), they're both very persistent in what they want.

I was captivated from start to finish. "What happens? No that did not just happen! Another jolt? No way!" Is pretty much what I was thinking whilst reading. The plot was engrossing and unique enough to make me want to keep reading and keep finding out what happens. I mentioned this to Kenechi herself, I loved how Gemma starts and ends the books with her narration. Makes me feel as though I'm reading her journal and get to find out everything that happened to her since her first Aversion. Although I felt their love to be a bit insta-love (which I dislike) it wasn't so instant that it bugged me to no end. Because of Russ' persistence in hanging out they do have a bit of a middle in the romance department.

Overall, I would definitely recommend you to read Aversion!
Rated: (4/5)

Character Interview with Russ.

Russ, how are you? *gestures at seat* Please have a seat. 
Gemma was right when she said you were cute. *smiles*

She really said that? Wait, when did she say it? Where? You're not winding me up are you?

Let's say it was written across her face when I last saw her.
Can you tell me your initial reaction to first seeing/meeting Gemma for the first time?
I'm not sure I can explain it properly - she tried so hard to make herself disappear amongst the crowd but I noticed her on the first day she arrived at our school. Don't worry, it wasn't like I was infatuated with her or anything, I just found myself always looking out for her in the classes we shared. But we never really spoke for nearly four years, until one day I woke up and truly couldn't get her out of my mind. You have to believe me, it was like something had etched an image of her in my brain and I couldn't shake it. 

I believe you.
As I was reading, I noticed she definitely made you work just to hang out. Did you suspect at all why she was so against it at first?
Haha! Of course not. At first I thought she was just incredibly shy...and quite. rude...and then I began to think that she probably just didn't like me. But after a while I could tell she was hiding something, especially after what happened in the library. I don't think anyone could have guessed what her real secret was.
Would you change anything that happened? With her, I mean?

I wish she'd been able to tell me what she was from the start but I can understand that if things hadn't panned out the way they did, I probably wouldn't have believed her. Would you? So the answer to your question is, no. I wouldn't have changed anything. Oh, except maybe I'd have made her warm to me much earlier on.
What did that first jolt feel like? And the sharing her vision?
It was electrifying - literally! Then the strangest feeling of acknowledgement washed over me afterwards. It was pretty weird but I wasn't as freaked out as I knew I should have been. I think Gemma tells this story better than I could. Have you asked her about this?

I have but I was curious as to what you felt. 
After everything that has happened should we be anxious for what's to come?
(Eases back into his seat with a grin) Over the last few months, things got far more interesting and complicated for all of us than we'd ever have imagined, and for some strange reason, I enjoyed it quite a bit. The way I see it, things can only get more exciting. Who knows who or what else will crawl out of the woodwork and shock us into action?

* becomes very excited* 
You don't say. Well I'll definitely be looking forward to what's to come.
Thank you Russ for being here today and answering my questions. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for these interesting complications.

Until next time everyone!

About the author:

Kenechi lives in London and enjoys writing fantasy/paranormal fiction and short stories (some of which she posts on her blog). She also hates the cold and hopes to one day figure out how to hibernate in winter.



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