Sunday, December 2, 2012

Yotsuba&! by Kiyohiko Azuma

Title: Yotsuba&!

Author: Kiyohiko Azuma

Series running from March 2003 to present
Genre: Kodomo manga, childrens, comedy, "slice of life"
Reviewer: Hannah


Young Yotsuba just moved into a new house with her single father. She learns life experiences while befriending her neighbors and meeting various people in the town. And she may get up to little mischief every now and then...


Don't read that synopsis. It makes this manga series seem like a sappy, sentimental, kiddy manga meant to "teach the younger kids about life." Blech. No way. If I had read something like that on the back of the book, I would've run for dear life. But, well, I don't really read the backs of books or movies (I know, I'm weird:P), so as I was perusing the manga section of the library, I came across this one, and I was like, "Huh. Looks interesting. I'll get it." So I did. 

And it was awesome!! I know, this is my third manga review, and I've only ever gushed about the manga I've read. One of these days I'll come across a manga so horribly awful and vomit-inducing that I will have to type up a review to warn readers such as yourself about it (*cough cough* Love Hina *cough cough*). 

But until such time, I shall only review my favorites. On we go! Basically, Yotsuba&! (Awkward title, I know; Yotsuba And....what?) is about a little girl named Yotsuba who moves into a new neighborhood with her father, and each chapter is like an episode of a TV show, a day in the life Yotsuba. (Hmm....I wonder if it's an anime yet? Must Google it later.....) 

It is so funny, and adorable, and cute, and it's one of the best mangas I've read. Yotsuba is incredibly naive, and she's always getting herself into hilarious situations. I've just finished reading volume two, and in chapter 9 (Yotsuba&Vengeance), she's watching a gangster movie with her dad, in which a guy goes around shooting people. So she gets her squirt gun, and goes around town shooting her friends and family, whilst quoting the movie. ("You oughtta treasure yer life." BAM! Water in the face. "Save your excuses for hell." BANG!:D). It's so cute, because everyone she "kills" plays along, and they're like, "Oh no!! I'm dead!" 

The characters are endearing, namely Yotsuba (of course), but also her dad and his friend Jumbo. And everyone else really. Kiyohiko Azuma did a great job developing their personalities and keeping it consistent all the way through (at least, I think so; I've only read two volumes so far, haha:P).

Yotsuba&! is a kodomo manga, a kids' manga, so if you like really cutesy stuff (especially if you're a shoujo manga fan), then I swear, you will LOVE Yotsuba. But if you're more into shounen manga (guys' manga, action manga, etc), well then branch out a little bit and read Yotsuba&! 

Yotsuba&!, from the very first chapter, quickly launched itself into my favorites list, nestled right between Fruits Basket and Ouran High School Host Club. And those are GREAT mangas, so you know I'm dead serious about how awesome it is. Read it! Pleeeeeease???   -Hannah 

I've rated Yotsuba&!:



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