Monday, December 10, 2012

Welcome Our New Bloggers!

Hello lovelies!
I have great news. I've recently found three great ladies that have agree to join my little band of bloggers. You know what that means right? Incredible and diverse reviews! You guys seriously have no idea how excited I am about this. Here is a little something about each new blogger...

Help me to welcome our new blogger, Catherine!
She is an awesome Australian mum who loved to read! Incredible right?! I thought so too! For all the lover of Paranormal YA, keep an eye out for her reviews because they are bound to be juicy!


Nitza Jones-sepulveda
Help me to welcome our new blogger, Nitza!
Our cat loving New Yorker who learned to love books at her mum's side. Fans of Herry Potter keep and eye out for Nitza! 


Bobbi Kyle
Help me to welcome our new blogger, Bobbi!
A spunky California girl who is into a little bit of everything, vampires, Spongebob, romantic and much more. I am so excited to see her reviews! 

Brace yourselves, my lovelies, for some amazing, incredible, and diverse posts! *happy dance*


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