Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fix By Force by Jason Warne
Read from August 17 to 20, 2012 — I own a copy, read count: 1, pages: 188

GoodReads Synopsis:

Spencer doesn't have a choice.He can't choose to be different than what he is--the son of the town's worst enemy, the weakling who can't stand up for himself, the loser without friends.He can't change the way things are.Or maybe he can.Immediate confidence.Rapid change.Instant hope.These are the things Spencer believes he needs to fix his life, and that is what the steroids promise--a quick fix.But promises can be broken and shortcuts are often treacherous, and Spencer must decide if those risks are worth the perceived rewards--if "artificial" hope is strong enough for him to be fixed, by force.  

 Bobbi's Thoughts

Hello Happy Holiday's Readers! Hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday and enjoying their winter vacations from school i know i am!!

With that being said, I have a great book to share with you all, but its a little bit of a downer only because the story is so sad! (it does have a happy ending, I promise!). Now i know Martha already told you how awesome this story is, but i'm here to tell you even more how great this story is!

After I finished reading this story, I was  speechless. I wanted to share how great this book was, but I was at a loss for words!. This book played with my emotions so bad that I had to keep flipping through the pages. It was so sad and moving and dark that I'm not sure how to even describe this book, other then i enjoyed it tremendously. The pages are filled with emotion from start to finish. A few pages had me tearing up.

The story follows a 17 year old boy, Spencer, who's father killed the mother of guy he goes to school with (Zack) after drunk driving when Spencer was young. Zack for 8 years follows, bullies and torments Spencer day after day and a few times beats him up so bad he endures substantial injuries. While this happens at school, Spencer endures an unhappy home life as well, drowning him in misery at every turn. All he wants is to get away from his life.

Eventually, Spencer turns to using steroids to give himself immediate change in an attempt to quickly change his appearance so that he will be feared and no longer bullied.

Fixed by Force, follows Spencer on emotional journey through his life and his battles with not only steroids but his family, enemies, and the darkness and resentment that lives within him.  

5/5---a MUST read!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the story!

See ya later!!


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