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Author Interview | Dale Ibitz

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Today I have with me Dale Ibitz, author of Fire in the Blood (Last Moon Rising #1), Racing the Nightmares, and now Strong Blood (Last Moon Rising, #2)
Fire in the Blood (Last Moon Rising #1) Racing the Nightmares
Welcome welcome Dale to BooksBooks&MoreBooks! Congratulations on Strong Blood you must be excited about the release. By book 3 you could be considered a veteran on writing books and having them published and everything that goes with it. Would you consider yourself a veteran?
Yes! I have been writing for 16 years...I have manuscripts that have been shelved, manuscripts that are out with publishers, and manuscripts that I never want anyone to see (yes, they are *that* bad). With each book you write, and with each day you write, you learn. You take writing classes, and you learn. You have critique partners, and you learn. You receive reader feedback, and you learn. I look back at my earlier manuscripts and see some very "young" writing. After 16 years, I consider myself a veteran.

What is the one thing you wish someone had told you before you wrote and published your first book?
Dale Ibitz To be patient. And I mean *really* patient. Like the patience of the Patron Saint of Patience (is there one??) One of the biggest mistakes writers make is shooting off their first manuscript before it's ready. I know I did. I've heard many writers, even some very famous ones, who've all made the same mistake. Patience, my friend, is key.

Tell me, what can your readers and fans expect from Strong Blood (Last Moon Rising, #2) that we don't already know from reading the synopsis?
The relationships between the characters (Haley, Tuggin, and Elana) really start to change in Strong Blood. Power, or the lack thereof, really does a change a person.

What is the hardest part about writing a sequel?
Finding new and refreshing ways to present the same characters. You have to have character growth in a single book; to create character growth over 3 or 4 books is challenging.

In your opinion what makes a book GREAT?
The characters have to be engaging. If I don't connect with the characters on an emotional level, the book will probably fall flat for me. Of course, that emotional connection is different for every reader; what draws you to a character isn't the same for me as it is for you, because that emotional connection is so personal. That's why not every person likes all the same books. But if the author hits it 'just right', that author will connect with many readers on so many emotional levels. It's a great (and rare) talent.

When you aren't reading, writing, editing, and the like what are you usually doing?
Strong Blood (Last Moon Rising, #2)Dale: Let's see, after working my day job, chauffeuring kids to various appointments,being a home-work warden (complete with eye-rolls and loud sighs, courtesy of my teen-age daughter), cooking, cleaning, and laundry...I think I can squeeze out a few hours a week to 1) read 2) garden 3) hike (no, not a serious hiker, just the local trails here in Connecticut).

Out all your characters who is the one you most relate to and why?
I think it has to be Tuggin. He's a character who is stuck between doing what he wants, and doing what he must. The choice isn't always easy.

For the readers out there give them 5 words as to why they should read this series.
Dale: Oh, Martha, seriously? You're going to do that to me? You are so evil! LOL 'A story of lies and betrayal.' OK, that's 6, but really...5 words?

Thank you Dale, for dropping by and answering my questions. Good luck with Strong Blood (Last Moon Rising, #2)!

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