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Alison Davis Cover Reviews

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Today I have something special for you. Today's post is all about Author, Alison Davis and her two books, Whispers on the Wind and now Hanging From the Family Tree: Tobias’ Story (#2)!
We're going to take some time to talk about the covers. I'm not gonna lie and say I never judge a book by it's cover because usually if I see an interesting cover, it makes me curious to see what it's about. I love to look at the covers and there are so many interesting ones out there.

Lets start with Ari's Story shall we. 
I love this cover. Everything about it. There are some covers that don't even match a tiny with the story, which absolutely frustrates me. Those covers with the ball gowned model. Yeah. Those. WHERE THE HECK ARE THEY GOING IN THE BALL GOWN??!! I love the romanticism that the wax seal brings when I see it. I think it matches so well with Ari's story.

Lets move on to Tobias' Story Cover. Before you see it though here is a little info you can get to know Tobias a little bit.
Title: Hanging From the Family Tree: Tobias' Story (#2)
Author: Alison Davis 
Hanging from the Family Tree: Tobias’ Story, is a Young Adult fiction novel, based in a fictional English coastal town.

Hidden letters from 1812, the British Regency, tell the story of Alexander Ventus, member of a very rich and influential local family. Besotted with a local women, Elizabeth, who is deemed beneath him, he is forced into a marriage with another woman. Distraught she throws herself from a cliff. Followed years later by Alexander, burdened by his guilt.

Alexander Ventus is Tobias’ great, great, grandfather, and there is an alarming likeness to their lives.  Tobias’ Story tells of his struggle to find his place in his family and to discover what it truly means to be a Ventus.
I’d found the letters just when I needed them, but when I least expected them. The scrawled words that changed everything. The faded ink which pushed me closer to the edge. The echoes and ghosts of the past which haunted my summer, my home and my mind. Then I found her. My Her. And the past began to replay itself. In life you get one chance to write your story, it’s not always perfect and it doesn’t always have a happy ending. This is mine...
Tobias’ Story
The Seed.
I sat staring at the dark polished wood of the desk in front of me, the virgin white paper with small black printed letters, which both promised me hope and sealed my fate, now crumpled and torn. I reached out to smooth it flat.
Dear Mr Ventus,
We are writing to inform you that your application has been accepted...
That was all that was left on the torn scrap my father had ripped from my hand. His thundering voice echoed over and over through my head. He was angry a lot of the time, indignant, pompous, and bitter. Charles Henry Ventus the Second. Six foot of broad shouldered, smouldering resentment. His hair was greying and thinning. He hardly resembled the strapping, muscular young man from all the portraits, and photographs- he even smiled in those. A facial expression that had scarce graced his face in around thirty years, or these halls in thirteen. Not since when aged eight, my father had told me off for running around the halls, and laughing too loudly outside his study. He had roared at me so loudly and scared me so much that I had cried myself to sleep for two weeks, and tiptoed everywhere for at least two months.
Business was everything to him, the paperwork on my desk was testament to that. He had given me the written specifications for part of a holiday complex he wanted to open. He wanted to draw young tourists in, for surf, for group holidays. The surfing tourist industry near here was fairly big, but there was nowhere for nights out, no trendy night scene. Not that one would do well here, the town was traditional, community based. If father ever went into town he would know that. Instead he just sat up here in his house, his castle, behind a desk, on a phone or out in a plane, a helicopter, meetings after meetings. His schedule was his bible.

When Alison emailed me the the cover I immediately loved it as I did the other. I have a such a curiosity that when I cannot see the models eyes. 
The only thing that absolutely bugs me...well that I don't know all of Tobias' story. I know what I know from Ari's but with a character such as Tobias...well one as curious as I, always wants to know their past.
It seems as though he's almost whispering in her ear. A bit romantic.
Ah I have no complaints about these two amazing covers! None! That's weird because there is always one thing that bugs me but nope.

Overall, they are both beautifully done. Couldn't have done it better myself.
About the Author:
Alison has been writing from an early age, stories, poems, novels, prose. After a 3 year sabbatical from writing she returned to her passion to write Whispers on the Wind: Ari's story.
Her first novel, Whispers on the Wind: Ari's Story, was published in August 2012 on Hanging from the Family Tree: Tobias' Story, a companion/sequel to Whispers on the Wind, is to be published in November 2012

Cover Art- Copyright © 2012 Christopher Vincent



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