Thursday, September 13, 2012

Welcome the new blogger: HANNAH!

Hey guys!

In the last few weeks I've been wayyyyy behind on my blog posts because of, of course, so I decided that I wanted to add another blogger to help out so that you guys are without something! Because that's how much I love my flock of readers!
Anyway I'd like to introduce to you all my awesome, spunky, witty, and opinionated new co-blogger, Hannah
*crowd cheers*
Now I met Hanna through a little site called Goodreads ...Oh never mind here she is to tell you about herself.

Hey guys! I'm delighted to announce that I will be hijacking Martha's blog. Mwahahah......Seriously though: My name is Hannah, I met Martha on Goodreads, she needed a co-blogger, and well, that's how that happened and here I am:) The first order of business is: books (duh). I have to be stuffed into a straitjacket every time a pass a library, to prevent me from succumbing to the evil and hypnotic powers of literature. So unfair:P
I live in Washington. And I'm homeschooled!! So I am online practically 10 hours a day. You'll be seeing a lot of me (not literally, of course) in the future, whether you want to or not. I will be posting reviews, updates, etc. while Martha is off learning and getting smart, like I should be *she says guiltily*

In addition to being a complete book addict, I also listen to music and watch movies like my life depends on it. But this is a book blog, so I won't go into too much detail about that.

Oh!! And, lastly, Martha and I also co-moderate a group on Goodreads called Book Junkies. When I'm not here, I'll probably be there:D You can find me under the username Faize at

Uh oh! Now we're all in for it!
Besides the adding the new blogger onto bookbooks&morebooks I will also be changing the blog up a bit so that you have a little of both of us. 

Please help welcome Hannah with a Hi, Hello, or a cool head nod! 



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