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Character Interview | Ben and Ari from Whispers on the Wind by Alison Davis

Hello my awesome flock!
Whispers on the Wind: Ari's Story (#1)
You've read my Review. You've seen the Cover. You've read the Author Interview. Now I'm back with a new Interview. This one you don't want to miss! 

Ben and Ari! Welcome to booksbooks&morebooks! I'm ecstatic you could make time for little me in your busy schedules!
Ben: We're glad to be here *puts arm around Ari and squeezes her against his side*
Ari: Yeah *smiles*

Ben how is your music coming along?
Ben: Pretty good thanks, we're working on some more acoustic stuff, especially now Phil's doing more stuff on his project.
Ari: Yeah, Phil'd kill for a muse like you Martha! He's so into girls who can lose themselves in stories.
*both laugh*
*blushes* send him many regards will you.
Ari, how are you feeling after everything that's happened?
Ari: *looks down and plays with edge of the deep red sofa she's sat on* Um, Pretty good. I mean, I feel better now that Ben knows and I've seen Tobias again. It's just sometimes I still get the dreams...
*Ben pulls Ari against him*
 Ben: She's been doing a lot better recently. *kiss her forehead* how about I get some tea? Would you like anything Martha? *gesture's to the cafe at back of library*
*Susie bounds over from behind a bookcase where she has been 'busy' working*
Susie:We have hot chocolate with mini marshmallows!
*laughs* I'm glad it's getting a bit better for you Ari. I don't think I can help with the dreams but I hope things get better soon.
* turns to Susie* Susie, were you hiding back there this whole time?
And no thank you Ben.
Ari: Thanks, I think they are starting to get less ...real. I think it was just a lot to take in at once. *half smiles*
*Susie scoots in next to Ari* Susie: No, i was working. The shelves were...dusty. Ok so maybe, I was just checking out what was happening. You know, being helpful. *beams*
Ben: Susie, Mrs Renwick is waiting for her drinks. *Susie frowns and stands to leave*
I see Susie is still Susie. * laughs a little*
Ari can you tell me why you kept going back to the letters time and things again.
Ari: *nods slightly* Sure. Well the thing is, I don't really know. It's like reading. Have you ever been so drawn in by a story you could read all night, even though your eyes are itchy and hot and it aches to keep yourself propped up? It was kind of like that. I just had to know. I mean Alexander, his story was so perfect and so tragic, it was like reading the most suspense filled novel only more was at stake than just finding out the ending. I guess I was just trying to find my own place here through him. I mean, I just had no way to know how it would end. That it would lead to what happened with Tobias'
Ben: But if you'd never gone, he wouldn't have had anyone, *brushed her hair from face* She just cares so much, *smiles lovingly at Ari*
I see exactly what you mean. I was the same way while reading you're story.
*turns to Ben*
Ben other then scared for Ari how did you feel about everything that was happening?
Ari: *smiles and turns to look at Ben*
Ben: Well other than that I was mostly just *coughs* um, *rubs back of neck* jealous a little I guess. I mean she was becoming a little obsessed with Tobias' life, his family.
Ari: Ben...
Ben: *Turns to Ari*Oh no, I mean I knew you liked me, I guessed you loved me, but it's just I don't know... *looks back over* I guess it was just an irrational jealousy. I'm only human after all. *laughs* She kept most of it to herself and I knew she needed to sort it out in her head but if I knew what would happen I would have stopped it earlier or helped in some way. Hindsight's a wonderful thing *chuckles*
A little jealousy is not a bad thing. It shows you care about someone. Now if it were more then a little bit then that would be bad. But throughout all that I could tell that your also love Ari. I can respect that. 
*smiles a little while blushing like a tomato*
Ari, I have to say that when you fell, I was just about ready to call 911! I was so in edge because I couldn't do anything to help.
Ari: *smiles looks down embarrassed* I'm so glad someone was ready to act quickly. If I'm honest at that point I wasn't sure I was going to be ok. I don't know how I let things get so far and keeping stuff to myself until it got so bad just seems so ridiculous now. *squeezes Ben's hand* I'm so embarrassed that people can read about how stupid I was but I just hope they understand how I ended up doing what I did. *shakes head slowly* Mentally I'm still a little in shock even now. Physically I'm fine though so you can relax. I just have a tiny white scare on my left knee. I'm really lucky!
People will understand. Well all hold things in. Well in glad you're ok now.
So Ben and Ari, what's next for your two?
Ben: Well, drum roll please... We're moving in together... soon, ish *laughs*
Ari: *joins in laughing* Yeah, it's all in debate. Ben loves the place he rents, and I don't want to leave the cottage even though I know it's a bit out of town. Plus after everything that happened there it would feel like running from it. Plus the views- you have to come visit some time- they're incredible. 
Ben: We're also busy with our own little project with Tobias at the moment... but I'll let his story explain that.
Congratulations! I'm happy for the two of you.
Ari, how is your dad feeling about this? 
I can just imagine the views! Wonderful!
Then I will keep an eye of for Tobias and his story, Ben.

Ari: Well, he's my dad so I'm pretty sure he's pleased. *smiles* I think secretly he likes it because he won't be a cottage all alone, plus he loves having someone to garden with! *laughs a little*
Ben: Haha, we've even finished that rockery now- plus he's definitely not said anything negative about it that I've heard *smiles easily*
Ari: *nods* Yeah, I think after everything he's glad I'm settling in. It's obviously going to be different at first because we've been so used to it being just me and him since my mum died, but I think it's going be to great.

Well I am very happy for the two of you! *grins happily*
If there was one thing you would change about all this what would it be?

Ari: I think that I wouldn't wear heels! *laughs under breath* Honestly I don't think it would have made any difference. *half whispers leaning in* This sounds weird but it felt like it was meant to happen, you know? Like no matter what I did different it would end up on that cliff. *voice returns to normal*At least out of heels I could have got there faster!
Ben: I disagree, I'd have confronted him. *voice matter of fact* I'd have protected Ari better. 
Well guys our time seems to run out. Thank you soooo much for dropping by and answering some questions. I do hope to hear from you guys again! Don't be strangers ok. *turns in her chair* Bye Susie!

Ari: Oh it was no problem thanks for seeing us!
Ben: Yeah feel free to drop by the library anytime

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