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Blogger Interview | Zuleeza from Qwerty

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BooksBooks&MoreBooks is about books of course and I like to talk about books with others but sometimes it's good to know the blogger behind the blog and the books. That said today I interview Zuleeza (awesome name btw) from **QWERTY** !

Hi Zuleeza! And welcome! I am very happy to have you here getting to know you a bit.
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That is what she looks like!
Hi Martha! Thanks for having me. Well, I think my twitter/blogger profile description fits me perfectly 'A socially awkward penguin by day, a ninja assassin book reviewer by night'. I kid you not! I'm currently a final year student in Biomedical Science and I rather spend my time with plates grown with microbes than people! Not that I have anything against people, I guess I just like quiet, calm life in general. SO DON'T EVER INVITE ME FOR CLUBBING! Haha. But when it comes to reviewing books, I'm unafraid to give books I didn't like 1 or 2 stars (3 stars is still bad in my universe) or shelve it under DNF. Of course I feel it's unfair if I don't actually write a review for those books but I try to do it in a fun and relaxed way! But I do admit, my old reviews were more sarcastic and unforgiving, but now as I'm getting to know more authors personally, I've tried to tone down my dark sense of humour because let's face it, writing books is a tough job! Hopefully, it shows! Hehe
You remind me of Batman!
How early did you start reading? What author or book hooked you in the beginning?
Haha! I wish I have tonnes of moneiz like Batman. Okay, here's the confession. I'm not really an avid reader until three years ago. I read occasionally, yes but not as often until I can call it a hobby. Until one day, back in 2009, my friend showed me the movie trailer for Twilight. And she insisted to lend me her copy of Twilight. I'm always intrigued with all things paranormal but I'm too spooked to read horror, believe it or not. LOL! So, I thought 'this book sounds should be okay'. And the next thing I knew, I finished the first three books of Twilight saga within one semester break and aching for the release of Breaking Dawn. At that time, I wasn't aware that there is this whole genre of Young Adult: Paranormal. Only after I finished with Breaking Dawn, I started to look around for books in similar genre on Amazon. The search was fruitful because only then I know, there are so many other books which are way, way better than Twilight books. So, if you're asking me now do I like Twilight, I'd say not anymore but I would always be grateful to Stephanie Meyer for introducing me to the world of Young Adult. :)
And the blog? How did Qwerty come about?
Qwerty was previously my personal blog, but I always had problem to define how much I should express myself to the public. It was good to be able to express myself in words because I would never be able to do that face to face but I live a very private life, so revealing bits about my daily life is something I'm always uncomfortable with. So, Qwerty left abandoned for some months. Until I found out about sites such as Netgalley and Eldeiweiss. I have to have a bookblog in order to request for ARCs, so I slowly transferred all of my reviews from Goodreads to Qwerty. Only after I participate in Crewel Street Team, I found out that bookblogging can be so much fun by looking at updates from my other team members. So, starting from that point, I vowed to be a serious bookblogger, so now Qwerty is a full-on bookblog which not only features reviews, but also promos, giveaways, interviews, cover reveals, blog tours etc. :)
Agreed! My TBR pile has grown exponentially because of updates from other bloggers like yourself!
What are your top three absolute favorite books?
My top three absolute favorite books? God, this is a tough one. Hmmm...I'd say
1. The Lord of The Rings trilogy (okay, okay, there are three books in there but it's impossible to choose just one!)
2. Pride and Prejudice (not only for Mr Darcy *squee* but also for the way Jane Austen spoke her mind. She was just so ahead above women of her time)
3. The Hunger Games (that sensation when I first read this, it was palpable, I could never forget it)
If I have read Harry Potter books, I think they'll make it to my top three somewhere but I haven't! I know, I'm sorry Potterheads, I'm just impatient with long book series but I promise someday I'll read them! I really, really love the movies though! :D
Love Austen. And no worries Zuleeza I have neither read the Potter series nor seen them so the mob might actually to after me.
Ever thought about writing a book yourself?
I did! I think it'll be an amazing achievement if I can successfully write a book myself. But I don't think it'll happen in five years time because I really want to build a career as a researcher first. Plus, I don't have any original ideas yet. The market is now practically swarming with books with fresh premises, I think it's almost impossible to find pure originality anymore. Nevertheless, if I can write a book right now, I will write about a female ninja assassin doubles as a famous geisha. LOL! Okay, copyrighted that! You'll be my witness. :D
I am your witness! *smiles*
What do you like to do when your not busy researching or reading and blogging? You know other then hit all the crazy clubs in town.
Honestly studying, reading and blogging kind of already take so much of my time! But during holidays, I like to travel...photographing places and trying out new foods! ^_^
Ooohhh wierdest ( is that a word? *shrugs* ) dish you've tried on said travels? Describe it.
Haha, my definition of ermm...weirdest dish might be different than most of you guys because I came from Malaysian background (we don't eat raw seafood). I tried raw octopus sushi once and it was like chewing through a tyre. Blergh~
Of all the books you've read who is the fictional character got wish was real?
Hmm...for now, I really wish Naji from The Assassin's Curse (The book isn't out yet! But I've read the ARC) is real *bats eyelashes*. He is a assassin/blood magician who is cursed with an impossible curse. From book 1, not much much has been revealed about his background but I really adored his personalities. I don't know exactly how to describe him! LOL. He is one of those tormented characters but he has a positive outlook in life. Have I mentioned that he is socially awkward too? Squeeee
I sense a character crush! *smiles*
About how many books do you read in a month? Are you a fast reader or a slow one? Or does it depend?
Oh, stop it you! *Snorts*
I'm a certified slow reader :( I can only read about 4 books per month when the semester runs. During holidays, I can fit about one book per two days so, I guess it does depend.
That cheeky snort makes tells me I am right! *laughs*
Ereader or Paperbooks?
Nowadays, I prefer reading on e-reader because I can doodle, highlight and do all sort of stuff to the book I read. But if it turns out I do like that book so much, I'll buy the paperback version anyway! :D
Coffee or tea?
After watching Kuroshitsuji anime, I tried Earl Grey tea and now I'm addicted to it! XD
Paranormal or Contemporary?
Definitely paranormal because I like books with strong imaginary.
Burgers or Hotdogs?
I'd say hotdogs? Haha...actually I'm not a fan of both burgers and hotdogs
Pants or shorts?
Can I choose skirt? Tee hee. Okay, okay, if I have to choose, I choose pants with wild color! ^_^
Indoor movies or Outdoor movies?
Indoor movies. I'm still not comfortable watching outdoor movies because I won't lie down in front of strangers and I like to lie down while watching movies! :/
Standalone or Series?
Hmm...I like series maximum to 3 books. Standalone can be good but usually it's harder to leave a lasting impression on me given the limited number of pages (except if we're talking about books like The Fault in Our Stars of course! :D)
Shatter Me or The Hunger Games?
Okay, here's the problem, I really disliked Shatter Me because of reasons I've stated in my review. It's one of those books which I don't understand why people loved it so much. So, The Hunger Games, hands down.
Winter or Summer?
Summmerrrrr!!!! Although summer in Australia can be ridiculously hot, I still prefer that than the gloomy, chilly winter. I really hate cold weather. I suspect I have seasonal affective disorder. Tee hee.

Well that's all for this Interview. Thank you Zuleeza for dropping by!

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