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Author Interview: Alison Davis

Alison  DavisWelcome everyone to another exciting Author Interview!

You may have seen the Cover Reveal and the Review that were recently posted. Well I have debut author of Whispers on the Wind (Ari Story #1), Alison Davis! *eccsattic clapping*
To read my review click HERE.

Welcome Alison to booksbooks&morebooks. I'm very happy to have you here.
I've just finished reading Whispers on the Wind and I've got to tell you that I've haven't read anything quite like it. Tell me, what inspired this book?
descriptionThank you, I'm glad you found it unique. Well I have always loved delving into our family tree, so that was something that I was interested in; but originally the story was written  under the title 'The Lost Letters' or variations thereof. The idea was about falling in an unrequited love and one girls desire to loose herself in books and diaries, something that I think any avid reader can related to and definitely where I drew inspiration from. The only other source of inspiration, which inspired the cliff top coastal setting, were the cliffs by Margate in Kent, England. Sometimes you just find a setting which you know needs to be captured either in a photo or written word and this was one of them.

Your characters were so real to me. Tell me, did you model them after someone?
*laughs* I wish I knew a Ben in real life, although people who know me have commented that he seems like my partner (who plays him in the trailers) so I guess a lot of his understanding crept in. Another guy I knew at university who was a good friend of mine inspired the light-hearted maturity of Luke, I shan't name names though :P
Apart from that I created them by compiling aspects of some people I know and other I wish were real *cough*Alexander*cough*
As a writer I think it's impossible to write about someone with out some of your own characteristics creeping in too so I guess I'm somewhere in there too along with different mixes of people that everyone should be able to relate to.

Aww you have your own Ben! *turns green with envy* :D
Favorite book?
I probably have a favourite in each genre and sub genre, so that's a tough question! I'm going to go with JRR Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings' Trilogy though. I've read it 6 times, once a year from age 11 to 17!
His works have inspired me in so many ways to try different style and to use descriptions more effectively.
But more recent favourites include the works of Sarah Dessen and other similar authors. Right now it's Lauren Kate's 'Fallen' series.

Favorite place to curl up with a book?
Ohh, good question. I'll have to go with in bed. Reading in the middle of the night is the best time, everything and anything is possible at night. Although in the sun in a comfy chair with a drink is also a close contender. When I was young I even used to go into the boot of the car and read in there, it was so peaceful, so quiet and the best place to lose yourself in a story, that and in a walk in cupboard we had, it was like Narnia.

Who is the one person who has inspired you to keep going?
For me it's not one person but every person who offers support and encouragement. But if I had to pick one person who has been my most consistent inspiration to keep working on my projects besides doing them for myself it's my partner.

Awww shoutout to the awesome partner!
Author that you would love to sit down and have a chat with. Dead or alive.
Do I have to pick just one? Hmmm Shakespeare, Charlotte Bronte or Chaucer...sorry it's a full dinner party invite Conan-Doyle as well. I'm a big fan of classics and different genres, I think regardless of what you prefer to read or write you can learn and find something to enjoy in any genre. Plus imagine the debates!

Incredibly amazing!!
How does your style differ from authors?
To differ from other author's I need a definitive style. I tend to stick to 1st person as a rule when I write, although I stray into 3rd person sometimes. In fact Ari's Story began in 3rd person and I edited it out later on. I think that on the whole my style perhaps weaves in more aspects of mystery and romance than a lot of Y.A. writers, although there is an emergence of that sort of style recently, but what makes my writing unique is that I've included something that everyone can related to.
Whether parents like Ari's Dad's concern and little nuances, or book lovers relate to her curiosity, it's something everyone can enjoy.
Making work accessible is a fine balance and I like to think my style is to complete a world where everything seems plausible in it and so the characters are easy to relate to. Although that may be wishful thinking on my part! *laughs*

Alright. The next couple questions I'm going to say a word and the first thing that pops into your head is what you'll send back.
Broken spines and thumbed pages

Cramped onto a sofa with 5 people with popcorn everywhere.

Cornucopias of summer fruits, raspberries, strawberries, redcurrants, limes, lemons, blackberries. 

Oooh, um... adventure. I'm too curious not to go looking for answers.

Thank Alison for being here with me today answering my pesky questions.
Thanks for having me on your blog, it's been great!

To find out more about Alison and Whispers on the Wind:

Author: Goodreads | YouTube
Buy: Lulu


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