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Blog Tour | Amateur Angel by Karri Thompson

Amateur AngelTitle: Amateur Angel
Author: Karri Thompson
Source: Review Copy
Format: Paperback, 250 pages
Published: May 1st 2012 by Comfort Publishing
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Goodreads Synopsis:
Only 18-years-old, Ashley is no ordinary teenager. Not only is she dead, but upon her death, she mistakenly enters the wrong line in the afterlife, a line meant for trained, guardian angels. With a pair of wings on her back, Ashley is sent to Los Angeles to replace another angel whose "assignment" was none-other-than Cannon Michaels, a current member of the band Sendher, the sexiest man alive, and Ashley's celebrity crush in life.
While exposed to Cannon's selfish, judgmental behavior and his reckless, rock-and-roll lifestyle, Ashley is far from meeting the requirements of a true guardian angel. She misses her family and friends. Will she ever be able to accept her own death? What will she do when she jeopardizes her position as an angel and Cannon's physical safety by falling in love with him?

My Thoughts on Amateur Angel:
Amateur Angel is exactly what I expected which can be both a good and a bad thing depending on who your talking to.

Predictability can either ways. For me it both ways. It was good in the sense that I would never get annoyed by how little I knew and bad in the sense that I knew wayyy to much as far as how the story would pan out.

Ahley is a pretty cool character who accidentally becomes a guardian angel right ning with her her sense of what is right and wrong.She is the typical teenager who has the typical crush on the super famous rock star. She could be one of those high school friends I talk to in homeroom in high school but never really kept in contact with. Cannon is also pretty typical except for his volunteering.  boy rock star who happens to be unhappy even thoug hhe has everything he could ever want. I did feel bad for him because he IS so unhappy with everything he has.

I would have loved a a little more action (the kind where his life might be in danger and she has to qickly learn how to save it) and a little less her knocking things over but it was funny nonetheless. Most hilarious part that had my jaw hurting? When Cannon takes a girl back to his house and the girl thinks something bit her! Now I can't say more then that or I'll spoil it but trust me it is funny!

Would I recommend this book to you? Sure. I mean this is only my humble opinion on this book, who knows it might turn out to be your favorite!
*Rated M for 18+)
I've Rated Amaeur Angel: (3/5)

About the Author:

As a first-time author, I cannot express- not even in words- how excited I am about the release of my debut novel, Amateur Angel.  It took a lot of hard work and sleepless nights.  There were many disappointments and rejections along the way, but in the end, my persistence and determination eventually paid off.  In many ways, I think writing a novel is easier than finding an agent to represent it and then a publisher to buy it.  Two years ago, I almost gave up on my dream to become an author, but then my son, Kyle, wrote a special poem for me, and it inspired me to write a new book and try again.  The new book was Amateur Angel.
Here is his poem:
        You fail and you fail,
        You fix and you fix,
        You wait and you wait,
        Until you succeed.
I hung this poem in my closet and read it every day when I was getting ready to go to work and each night before I went to bed.  It is still there and always will be.  I know what I’m about to say will sound like a cliché, but based on my own personal experience, the best advice I can give anyone is to always believe in your abilities, hold your head high, swallow your pride, accept criticism and then learn from it, and most importantly, never give up.
I grew up in San Diego County and attended San Diego State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in English, a master’s degree in education, and my teaching credential.  I am a high-school English teacher in the East County of San Diego where I also live with my husband, our son, and two dogs.
Being a lover of Victorian literature, my favorite author is Charles Dickens although I haven’t quite finished reading all of his books.  Someday I’ll finally finish David Copperfield- I promise.  If you are one of my students, you are either laughing or shaking your head at this.
I lead a very busy life, but when I’m not teaching, grading papers, or attending my son’s soccer games, I find time to write novels, my greatest passion. 



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