Sunday, June 10, 2012

What I got in the mail...

Hello my lovelies!

It's time for another 'What I got in the mail post'.

I didn't get these in the mail today...more like Thursday I think (I'm not sure because I was with a friend Wednesday -Friday. 

I'd like to thank Cassie from Shadow Kisses for hosting the giving. I won Angela Carling's signed copy of Unbreakable Love.
It looks like a very good beach book (not that I'll be taking it anywhere near the water), and it also sounds like a great paranormal romance so I'm pretty positive that I'm going to enjoy it.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Jennie Townsend is unlucky in love, so she is immediately suspicious when a mysterious new student named Nate tries to gain her friendship. But there is something special about Nate, and in spite of her best efforts Jennie finds her feelings for the boy growing deeper every day.

In fact, Nate is more special than Jennie can even imagine. He is a guardian angel, sent to protect Jennie during a most dangerous time in her life. To do so, he must first become close to her - but not too close. The rules for Protectors warn against physical contact and strictly forbid falling in love. But the more time Nate spends with Jennie, the harder the rules are to follow. Will Nate be able to save Jennie from a premature end, or will his own emotions - and Jennie's - get in the way of completing the task for which he was specifically chosen?

With Unbreakable Love, Angela Carling has created a captivating story for young adult readers, with a refreshing twist on relationship issues. It is an ode to the magical power of true love, a tribute to belief in a benevolent higher power that watches over us and surrounds us every day of our lives.

Buy 'Unbreakable Love':

Thank you Rosa from Bajan Rosa Books for hosting the giveaway in which in I won a signed 'Freak' by E.K.Henry bookmark. I have yet to read 'Freak' but it looks like my kind of book!
Buy 'Freak':
Goodreads Synopsis: 
Being a lower-class human born into a world where vampires rule sucks. No matter how hard Juniper Rayne tries to fit in, she's labeled a freak. When her dad signs the family up to take part in a reality television show, Juniper hopes that it'll give her the edge she needs to shed her freak label.
Unfortunately for Juniper, vampires aren't that accepting.

She decides to take control of her life and become a vampire hunter, instead of continuing to live in her own personal hell any longer.

She will regain control or die trying.

Yayyy!! My bookmark collection is growing!! 

So that is it for today. Stay tuned for more reviews, giveaways, and random posts from yours truly.
-martha :D


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