Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tour Stop: Shadow on the Wall by Pavarti K. Tyker

Well my lovely birds, today I have an up and coming author: Pavarti K Taylor, author of Shadow on the Wall!
We had a bit of a chat and here is how it went...

Hello Pavarti! And be welcome to booksbooks&morebooks. I am very happy to have you here to discuss 'Shadow on the Wall'.

Me: What inspired 'Shadow on the Wall'? 
A friend of mine put out a challenge on his blog for someone to write a Muslim Superhero story.  I took his bait but after writing the first 5000k words I realized I had a lot left to say. 
Interesting way to start off.

Me: So 'Shadow on the Wall' seems to be doing very well by the ratings I've seen so far and I'm sure many fans are waiting for the second book to be released. Can you give me an approximate as to when that'll happen?
Book Two is titles Prisoner of the Wind and is still percolating.  I would love to have a draft done for my editor sometime this year, but we shall see.  My goal is to have another high quality book available for readers when it's ready, not risk rushing.  I hope everyone will be as enthusiastic when it releases as they are now!
So keep your pants on guys! It's coming! :D

Me: Fill in the blanks: I read at/during the  _________ because _____________. 
IRS seminar on fuditiaries / dude, have you ever been to an IRS seminar?
Bahahah! Best place to start and finish a series I would imagine!

Me: What's been the toughest criticism given to you as an author and the best compliment?
I actually take criticism pretty well.  I love to hear what works and what doesn't work.  For compliments, the most exciting thing for me is when someone gets the deeper message in one of my stories.  When a reader understands that Consumed by Love is a romance or that Shadow is really a book about women, that's such a thrill for me.
They will now.

Me: Can you tell me what you're working on at the moment?
Right now I'm working on Volume 3 of my serial novel Two Moons of Sera.  I have two other projects in the drafting stages that I work on as the muse calls, but 2MOS is my primary focus at this point.  Volumes 1 and 2 are already available on
Ohhhh, very intriguing!

Me: One thing you'd say to aspiring authors?
Hire an editor, the input from an outside professional is indispensable.

Some very valuable advice.

Me: Finish this sentence: my all time summer dream vacation would be...
Alone on the mediterranean.

That would be a great vacation!

Me: What is your favorite scene from the book?
The morning after the first big sandstorm, when Isik wakes in the alley.  Its the first time we get a look inside his motivations and thought process.  It was essential to me that the antagonists have the same depth as the Main Character.  I wanted the reader to understand and sometimes even relate and root for the bad guy.  This scene is the first step in creating those connections.
*flips through book trying to find and re-read the mentioned scene.

Me: Name one person who is your hero. It can be a character or a real person.
Anais Nin, she combined the beauty and crazy of the female mind like no other.

Me: Are there any last words you'd like to say to your readers?
Thank you so much and please, send me a note if you pick up one of my books and let me know what you think! 

Me: That's all of them. Thank you very much Pavarti. 
Thank you so much for hosting me!

More about Pavarti
Pavarti K Tyler is an artist, wife, mother and
number cruncher. She graduated Smith College
in 1999 with a degree in Theatre. After
graduation, she moved to New York, where she
worked as a Dramaturge, Assistant Director and
Production Manager on productions both on and
off Broadway.

Later, Pavarti went to work in the finance
industry as a freelance accountant for several
international law firms. She now operates her own accounting firm in the
Washington DC area, where she lives with her husband, two daughters
and two terrible dogs. When not preparing taxes, she is hard at work as
the Director of Publicity at Novel Publicity and penning her next novel.

I know you're curious about this book so here is a little taste of what you're missing out on ...

Recai walked for what seemed like miles, resisting the instinct to second-guess his direction.
The sand moved between his toes but soon he found his footing, and his body responded to the

landscape as if from some genetic memory. He remembered his father’s words from a trip he took
to the Oman desert as a child: Never take your shoes off; the sand will eat away at your feet. Recai
had done it anyway, then and now, feeling more in control with that connection to the ground, its
movements speaking to his flesh directly.

His father had always been full of surprises: one moment the strict disciplinarian, the next, he
would wake Recai in the middle of the night to see a falling star. Recai had never had the chance to get

to know him as an adult. Instead, he lived with the enigmatic memory of a great man lost.
Recai stood in the middle of the desert—every direction would eventually lead to Elih or one of the

smaller villages scattered around the city. But who would take in a stranger? A stranger with a Hugo
Boss turban and a bruised and bloodied face? In’shallah, he would be delivered to safety.

Shadow on the Wall by Pavarti K Tyler is available NOW at or your local bookstore. Recai Osman: Muslim, philosopher, billionaire and Superhero? Controversial and daring, Shadow on the Wall details the transformation of Recai Osman from complicated man to Superhero. Forced to witness the cruelty of the Morality Police in his home city of Elih, Turkey, Recai is called upon by the power of the desert to be the vehicle of change. Does he have the strength to answer Allah's call or will his dark past and self doubt stand in his way? Pavarti's Blog Tour celebrating the release of Shadow will last the entire month of May. Check out her Blog Tour Page for a list of all the stops, including giveaways, interviews, reviews, guest posts and other exciting events!

-martha :D


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