Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lack of stuff....

Greetings :D

I've recently noticed that I've been participating in a whole lot of blog tours and have not been posting Reviews as I used. Which obviously means that I have not been reading as much as I have. Which roughly translated has meant that I've been a in a funk. Why? Too many things going on in my life (some of which will have to be put on the back-burner for now) for which I will have to prioritize

Mere EnchantmentEither way I'm back and I am currently half-way through Mere Enchantment by Alicia Rivoli (liking it so far). I hope to be at least 3/4 done by today and have posted my review by tomorrow night. 

The White Oak (Imperfect Darkness, #1)After Mere Enchantment, I will be starting on The White Oak by Kim White.

So be ready for all new Reviews, Giveaways, and other random posts on my other pages. I'm actually very excited for July and not at the same time. 

One thing I'm going to go out and do? Go to Family Dollar and buy myself another kiddie pool to fill up and lay in while I read (the last one I had I gave to my puppy who bit it to death...RIP kiddie pool. you served me well.) 


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