Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nette by Barbara Rayne

Title: Nette
Author: Barbara Rayne
Goodreads Synopsis:
I know I usually add the goodreads synopsis here but I found the trailer to Nette and decided that was a bit more dramatic so here it is.

Nette"Something is holding me," I concluded and started to look around. Everything was sunny and empty, without even one colored light. "Who's keeping me, then? When I think about leaving, it brings me back." I went in and started to object, "You are not good," I said, "You are not letting me find my mommy. And you don't speak; you are boring," I was angry with the bubble, "When my daddy comes, he'll punch you in the nose," I threatened.

"Yesterday, Duke Tuck, while the girls were crossinf the bridge, wanted to scare her, to tease her a bit, and she threw him into the stream in a single move!" Raul started laughing, but his mother's rigid look made him get serious again.

"But... I came to see you," whispered Karl.
"And you did! Here I am," I smiled and left.

My Thoughts:
I really, really, really, enjoyed Nette! Meaning the character herself. She is the type of heroines I usually go for because she takes no crap from anyone especially the men who will think she is good for nothing or a witch as they call her in the book. She was the type of girl who knew how to work as man and make them listen to her and still fall in love with....well that I'm not going to tell you because it'll ruin the story. Nette doesn't just ly down and roll with the punches, she gives them right back (and trust me shes got one heck of a punch!). I think she's up there with other heroines like Alanna from Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness Quartet that I fell in love with. Now throw in the fact that Nette is immortal and you have even more drama and adventure.

Even though it was a very whirlwind story I really got into it. Short, sweet, and to the point (although I will admit that sometimes it did throw me off because of how fast it seemed to be going. The characters are very memorable in the unique way that they are portrayed and in the way that thy are presented to the readers.

Usually in books there a big adventure that happens towards the end of the book but in Nette that is not the case (all I will say is the book is VERY adventurous!).

Now you're probably wondering why I gave it three birdies. Well I'll tell ya'll (oops my Texan is peeping out ;D), I gave it three because it was very fast paced. A bit too much for my liking but I was still able to keep up with what was going on. Another reason it was given three birdies was for the fact that I did not know what year (until I was about done) it was and so the language and weapons they employed had me off kilter with that I thought it was. Other then those two issues I had no other problems with this story.

Nette reminded me that just because we're different doesn't mean we can't achieve big things and I thought that was a great reminder.
Overall I would recommend this book to others (and most likely will). I hope to read more from this author!

-martha :D


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