Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oh silly me!

Most readers have bookmarks to mark their places in books. What do i have? A shoelace. A cool shoelace but a shoelace nevertheless.
I'm only now realizing that i have never been one for bookmarks. In all my years of reading i have had all of other bookmark and that was rarely used. Not only did i have one but it was also a very girly bookmark, which is not me at all.
I've always been the "leave the book open type to mark my page even though I'll remember exactly where i stopped" type.
What about you guys? Do you use bookmarks? And if so, how many? Do you have any that are homemade or do you buy them? Or are you like me?
-martha :D
P.s. i think books just look amazing when they're left open.
P.p.s can you tell i like to read in bed :D


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