Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dragonswood by Janet Lee Carey

DragonswoodTitle: Dragonswood
Author: Janet Lee Carey

Goodreads Synopsis:

Wilde Island is not at peace. The kingdom mourns the dead Pendragon king and awaits the return of his heir; the uneasy pact between dragons, fairies, and humans is strained; and the regent is funding a bloodthirsty witch hunt, hoping to rid the island of half-fey maidens.

Tess, daughter of a blacksmith, has visions of the future, but she still doesn't expect to be accused of witchcraft, forced to flee with her two best friends, or offered shelter by the handsome and enigmatic Garth Huntsman, a warden for Dragonswood. But Garth is the younger prince in disguise and Tess soon learns that her true father was fey, making them the center of an exciting, romantic adventure, and an ancient prophecy that will bring about peace between all three races - dragon, human, and fairy.

Let me start off with the cover. I loved the cover. When I first saw the cover on goodreads I only saw the girl (who I can only assume to be Tess) and her beautiful white dress (that could upside down look like a flower) but on closer inspection you can see a sort of reptilian hide (which we can safely assume is from a dragon). Once again I will say that the cover is beautiful!

Now with that said I was fairly disappointed with the actual story. Set in 1192 AD this story does that era in history no justice. I felt like the author was trying to go for a medieval feel but failed in my opinion. Tess is supposed to be a peasant basically and yet she doesn't speak as one should.

Her lack of response when she is being abused by her father astounds me. I mean I realize that abuse was a big issue in the olden days (and still is) but can she really not go to someone for help?

There was a few things I did like and here is one: Her determination to set her wrongs to right amazed me. She risked her life to make sure that her friends were happy and safe once again. That really touched me.

The ending was such a fairytale ending it left me saying "Awww" which I enjoyed very much although it was a bit weird.

-martha :D


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