Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cape Ingenue by E. Bard

Cape Ingenue
Title: Cape Ingenue
Author: E. Bard

Goodreads Synopsis:

Set in the small town of Schill Harbour, the story follows the misadventures of sixteen year old, Sandrin Hawkes. With the discovery of a classmate’s body at a local swimming hole, the girl is thrown into an unsettling mystery, a nest of long buried secrets and maybe even a treasure hunt. Could her classmate’s death have been more than just a terrible accident?
When Sandrin teams up with an unlikely partner, local juvenile delinquent Colt, the two soon uncover more than they ever imagined.

It was obvious that the rectangular cut in the cover had a purpose, so after considerable struggling, Sandrin managed to remove the piece. At first, the girl couldn’t see the point of all that work. The cover was just a double layer of something. Cardboard the girl guessed. It was only after a closer inspection that she realized there was a folded piece of paper inside the cut.

The officer seemed to be relaying instructions of some sort to Colt, and the boy just nodded, making the occasional agreement noises. As the boy started to get into the vehicle, he lifted his head for a second, making direct contact with Sandrin’s gaze. The girl waved, but Colt made no signs of acknowledging her and settled himself into the car. He stared straight ahead, not even showing the slightest interest in looking back in Sandrin’s direction.

To be very honest I felt the story lagged. Some books are too quick, but this was the opposite. I read about 5-8 pages where the author did almost nothing at all. I literally had to force myself to keep on reading. I saw the direction this plot was going to take from the other side of the world. 

I was very excited when I first started 'Cape Ingenue' because right away there was intrigue but as I read on  it seemed the author sort of ran out of steam and just splashed on a few more chapters and called it quits. 

There are a few errors here and there and Sandbox (hehe I couldn't help myself, it's so catchy) and Colt were very shallow characters in my opinion. 

I guess, overall, I felt I ad read this book before. I felt two birds out of five is a good rating for 'Cape Ingenue'.

-Martha :D


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