Thursday, April 5, 2012


The Hunger Games Tribute GuideLet me ask you a question? When did you go see The Hunger Games?
a. The midnight premiere.
b. The day it came out.
c. A few days after.
d. Have yet to watch it.
e. Just now.

Would you like to guess when I saw it? Go on take a wild guess....Give up? Ok. Fine I'll tell you.

I saw it just now!
My head cannot stop reeling!
This movie was AMAZING!
All the important parts were added into this movie (unlike Twilight. thanks a whole lot Catherine Hardwicke!)
Exactly as I had imagined it (well maybe not the chariot/fire/first entrance part) is how i saw it before my eyes. The actors who portrayed everyone were brilliant/genius especially Katniss! I didnt know who she was until this movie and buddy i can tell you that she is going to be big (especially since her next movie looks great!).

My facial expression throughout this whole movie (even though I had already read the book) was literally like this :O
 Lets just say I'll be buying this movie when it comes out on DVD.

If you are that poor sould who has yet to crawl out of your rock I am telling you, you are very seriously missing out on an awesome/ stupendous/amazing/electrifying movie/story!!

-martha :D

p.s Can you believe my ex thought this movie was lame? He said the title made no sense  and so I had to tell him that he needed to read the book to be enlightened as to the meaning of the title as well as watch it again and pay attention to every scene in the movie. Pfft! What a dork!


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