Friday, March 9, 2012

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Mafi's new book, Shatter Me, is about a a young girl names Juliette. Juliette isn't like you and me, who do not even have to think about the repercussions when hugging a loved one, or kissing your spouse/boyfriend goodnight. Juliette has an ability that will not allow her to touch anyone or be touched because there is a chance that she could kill them, that is until they lock her up with Adam. To make matters worse, a crazy leader is after her and her powers, to try and use her to maintain his control. When Adam is apparently able to actually touch her all the craziness begins as well as the adventure.

Just in love with how Mafi wrote this book. We learn ALL the things Juliette is feeling, thinking, saying, wishing, regretting. We learn how many days she has felt unwanted by her parents , by society, by other children (when she was younger), because everyone is so afraid that she will just become angry and kill them with a single touch, even though she is the gentlest person around. I felt like everyone who reads this is going to be feel so connected to Juliette because as humans we all feel like we aren't worthy enough of something because of some reason or another. Absolutely loved how I could relate to her heartbreak (any many who read it will as well) at having that feeling of all hope lost.

I became so amazed at how strong Juliette is. Not only does she learn more about herself in the short time that Adam is "thrown into her cell", but she learns that she can be in control and not be controlled in a world who only wants to lock her up or use her for selfish and dangerous gains. 

I have given this book 
It was just that amazing. Shatter Me is the rare kind of book that you just instantly fall in love with and becomes a favorite. If you have not read this book you are seriously missing out on an awesome book.

Martha :)


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