Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Pledge by Kimberly Derting

The Pledge (The Pledge, #1)
Title: The Pledge
Author: Kimberly Derting

Goodreads Synopsis:
In the violent country of Ludania, the classes are strictly divided by the language they speak. The smallest transgression, like looking a member of a higher class in the eye while they are speaking their native tongue, results in immediate execution. Seventeen-year-old Charlaina has always been able to understand the languages of all classes, and she's spent her life trying to hide her secret. The only place she can really be free is the drug-fueled underground clubs where people go to shake off the oppressive rules of the world they live in. It's there that she meets a beautiful and mysterious boy named Max who speaks a language she's never heard before . . . and her secret is almost exposed. 

Charlie is intensely attracted to Max, even though she can't be sure where his real loyalties lie. As the emergency drills give way to real crisis and the violence escalates, it becomes clear that Charlie is the key to something much bigger: her country's only chance for freedom from the terrible power of a deadly regime.

"You saw me last night, but I didn't intrigue you then. You barely noticed me."

"The farther we moved away from the city's core, the thinner the masses grew, until it was just the two of us, and the occasional straggler, who remained in the night."

"And when I read the words written on the page, I drew in a sharp breath."

I am finding that I am really enjoying dystopian books and this book is no exception. Charlaina (or Charlie as she is called) is a rebel without even knowing it. She understands all the languages she comes in hearing range to.  She became a hero of sorts for me because she rebels in a subtle way. She doesn't harm anyone but she also doesn't bend to the language restrictions naturally.  Even though she naturally breaks this language law she strives to keep it hidden. At first I didn't like her character because she sounded to good. Meaning that I thought she was perfect (we all we can't be perfect). She is thrust into a situation so foreign to her it could have seemed like she was facing a new planet and yet she managed to handle it with grace that sometimes only royalty can make it seem like nothing (wink wink). 

Charlie's family holds a huge secret that changes her life (read it!) and it puts her in both harm and in the path of Max. She can't seem to trust him and at the same time does because she doesnt exactly know who he is (he doesn't seem to fit into that nice little box that others do) which makes her wary of him (but I mean he's irresistible so shes pretty much doomed).

I loved (and I do mean LOVE) this book because just about every chapter it had me doing this :O
Most books I can pretty much guess who is who and what is going to happen but with The Pledge, 98% of the time my predictions were wayyyy off. The characters were interesting and kept me curious as to their true selves. The plot kept me begging for more when I turned the last page. I cannot wait for January for the sequel to come out!


  1. I have had this book in my TBR pile for a while now but, I feel like all I have been reading is dystopian books lately lol thanks for the review!

    1. heheh i am really getting dystopian books right now.
      all the books i'vve read so far have been AMAZING!
      your welcome, i hope you enjoyed it. :)
      -martha :D
      p.s. officially following you.

  2. I wish I would have liked this book as much as you did....I can't wait for the second installment even though we have one more year to go...ugh! lol

    1. what?
      how come?
      im excited about the next book?



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