Monday, March 19, 2012

The Overtaking By Victorine E. Lieske

I took forever reading The Overtaking. And no it wasn't because of the book, the reason I took so long to read it was because of work and well life I guess.

So this book is about a guy, Shayne, who can reads people's minds (cool power in my opinion). Well he meets a girl, Danielle in a very weird way....well he meets her three times actually (you'll have to read it to find out how ). He goes on a crazy adventure with his friends and Danielle to try and figure out why aliens are taking his people. Together they attempt to stop these aliens from completely destroying the peaceful life that reigned prior to these aliens.

This particular book seemed kind of fast-paced. At the beginning Shayne had only just found out about the invasion and of the people that were missing and then the next second he was meeting Danielle. I really like the plot, even though it was fast. I like reading about survival and all the trials these "last" persons go through to be the "last one standing". 

Danielle, I felt, was a bit annoying for me. She like Shayne but yet she is helping the bad guys alter his memories and mask his powers. I felt like asking her, "What kind of species goes to another planet to just help out that species from killing each other?" 
Shayne, was a survivor. Even after all that they kept doing to him, he still came back. He fought for his freedom instead of give into what the aliens were doing. 

In the end I give this book . Enjoyed it but didn't enjoy it enough to give it .

-martha :D


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