Thursday, March 8, 2012

Moonlight by Rachel Hawthorne

So for my maiden voyage into what is book blogging I will be reviewing Moonlight by Rachel Hawthorne.

I had this book recommended by and it sounded interesting so I decided to borrow it from my local library. It took longer then it would have usually because of work but I just finished it last night around two in the morning (I really wanted to finish it).

This book is about a girl, Kayla, who has lost her parents in a very traumatic way. She begins work as sherpa (wilderness guide) in a state forest to try and get past her "issues" about her parents being murdered. There she becomes attracted to Lucas in ways that frighten her. Little does she know she is part of something bigger...and more wild.

This book started out with a lot of one sided attraction for the "dark" Lucas, as well as interest from Mason, a college guy that is being taken to a certain place in the forest to "study" wolves.  I didn't really like this book because she really likes Lucas and feels such an attraction to him and yet she wants to feel safe and leans toward Mason, instead of following her heart. The antagonist that is after them is apparently only trying to make Lucas look bad and yet he (the antagonist) almost kills Kayla in the process. The antagonist was there and then just like that he was gone. Kayla then has to decide on a huge life changing decision about Lucas because otherwise if he or another male is not there for her she will die.

I did like that there was hiking in this book, there aren't really too many books that have hiking as a huge part of the book but this one does and it describes the forest adequately enough to actually imagine yourself walking along with the characters and seeing what they are seeing.
Overall it was an OK book, perfect for a late night curled up reading about someone else's problems with love, attraction, and learning about themselves.

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