Thursday, March 8, 2012

Illuminated by Erica Orloff

What do you do when you find that person that you just know you are meant to be with? What about if there is a person who you can hear talking to you even though they've been dead for hundreds of years guiding you to their last bit of hope? This book is filled with such love from the characters. This book has just about every kind of love you can possibly think of: father to son love, niece to uncle love, daughter to father love, and that's only naming a few.

As I read this book, I felt as though my own heart was growing with each word. Callie and August feel so much love for each other as well as their cause that it almost made me want to cry with how big I felt my heart. Their love isn't one of those dark, dangerous love that we read in other books their love is the kind of love that envelopes you like a soft blanket during a cold, stormy night. The kind that makes you want to stay in bed for the rest of your life.

Callie and August go on the search of a lifetime to France in order to find evidence of Heloise and Abelard's own love. Love that is slowly being forgotten. Love that in my opinion created something wonderful, something that left proof of their existence.

I gave this book 
It took me about 3-4 hours to finish this book because I just fell in love with the idea that no matter all the things that life throws our way we will find that one person that makes us feel like we never want to leave this planet just because being with them we are at our most happiest. If you want to sit by the fire and just read an awesome love story I highly recommend that you read Illuminated.


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